Small Breasts Cosmetic Surgery

Small breasts cosmetic surgery has always been popular option for improving a woman’s feeling of self worth. The choice of implant size is important for the surgery to be successful to the woman. Breast implants are becoming more popular for all women and especially those with smaller breasts.

Small breasts cosmetic surgery starts with the selection of a plastic surgeon that meets your needs as a patient. Your surgeon should feel free to offer suggestions, but they should also listen to what your idea of the appropriate size implant would be. Once you have picked a surgeon, it is the surgeon’s turn to pick you as a patient.

While that might sound odd, small breasts cosmetic surgery will have an impact upon you mentally, as well as physically. It is the surgeon’s job to interview you to see if you are a good candidate for breast cosmetic surgery. Patients who are having the surgery for personal reasons generally do better than those who are having surgery to please someone else.

Once the surgeon and the patient have decided they are the best fit for each other, it is time to decide on the type and size of breast implants. Small breasts cosmetic surgery has been shifting from large implants to smaller implants. There are several good reasons for the shift, but again it really needs to be a personal preference.

One reason that women who are having small breasts cosmetic surgery would want small implants is the breasts will look more normal. The implants will increase the size and give a youthful lift to the breast. The smaller size will give the body a more natural looking shape.

While the trend has been to use smaller implants in small breasts cosmetic surgery, one reason that patients have breast implants redone is they regret not having gone larger. It is really important that the patient and the physician are on the same page in what the patient truly has in mind for an end result.

Smaller implants may look more normal, but if the patient really has her heart set on a dramatic change from her small breasts cosmetic surgery, she may not be happy with the more conservative implant. Conversely, another patient may feel totally uncomfortable with any implant except a more conservative implant. This is why the implant size must be a joint determination between the physician and the patient.

Breast implants range from about 125cc (the amount of fluid in ½ Cup) to 1200cc (the amount of fluid in 5 Cups). So the choices available to the woman seeking small breast cosmetic surgery cover a wide range. Aside from the size of the implant there are other choices that you and your surgeon will need to discuss.

If you are still of child bearing age, breast feeding will be one topic to discuss before your small breast cosmetic surgery. Some incisions are more likely to interfere with nipple sensation. Some women have had trouble with this and are unable to breast feed. Other issues arise with breast feeding haven’t been directly linked to the surgery. Women who have never had breast implants have trouble breast feeding as well. These are just a few of the issues to discuss with your physician prior to surgery.