Small Breast Surgery in Los Angeles

Saline or silicone breast implants are frequently used in small breast surgery in Los Angeles. There are different types of saline implants available. In addition, there are a good range of sizes available for implantation.

Small breast surgery in Los Angeles is used to improve the contour or shape of the breast. The size of the breast is also increased. The final cup size of the breasts will require collaboration between the patient and the physician. The physician will measure the chest wall, as well as the natural breast tissue of the patient. From there, the physician can make recommendations regarding ranges of breast size that can be done.

The patient needs to have a good idea prior to meeting her surgeon of what size she would like her breasts to be. The number one reason to have small breast surgery in Los Angeles redone is dissatisfaction with the breast size after the first surgery. Many women wish they had gone with a bigger sized implant. While some implants are adjustable once they are in the body, these are usually not permanent implants. Rather, they are temporary implants that are used to stretch the skin after cancer breast surgery.

The most common breast implants used in small breast surgery in Los Angeles are a silicone shell that is filled with salt water (or saline.) This is totally different from the silicone filled breast implants. Salt water very closely resembles the normal fluids found in the body.

The salt water is injected into the implant after the shell has been optimally positioned in the body. This allows for a very small incision to be made for the insertion. All incisions will leave a scar. Your surgeon will make the incision in a spot that will be hidden or less noticeable. One common site used for the incision in small breast surgery in Los Angeles is around the nipple.

You will want to discuss with your surgeon where the incision is to be placed. There have been reports of loss of nipple sensation with this incision. If your surgeon uses this site, there should be statistics regarding any loss of nipple sensation. The loss of nipple sensation might be a problem if you are anticipating breast feeding in the future. There are other incision options in small breast surgery in Los Angeles, so don’t let this deter you from having the surgery.

Your surgeon will also discuss with you where your implant is going to be placed. In small breast surgery in Los Angeles the implant can be placed directly under the existing breast tissue. Or it can be placed under the muscle that is under the breast tissue. There are pros and cons to both approaches. You surgeon will be the best source of information on the placement. Typically, submuscular implantations have fewer complications such as rippling and sagging. Some surgeons prefer to place the implant directly under the breast tissue since the implant will reach its final shape more quickly.