Skin Discolorations come in all shapes sizes and colors, and there are as many or more different causes of skin discolorations as there are actual types of skin discolorations. These causes may be genetic, as is the case with birth marks and moles, or they may be connected to your lifestyle and environment. Someone who spends a good deal of time in the out doors is much more likely to eventually see the appearance of suns spot and other melanin related skin pigmentation issues. The really good news about skin discolorations is that most forms of skin discolorations are completely harmless. The bad news is that on some rare occasions they can actually pose a threat to your health, if they become a malignant growth, or they may be indicative of underlying health concerns. Fortunately there are now, thanks to advances in recent medical technology, a great number of treatments for skin discolorations, even if the only negative impact that they are having on you is to make you embarrassed and potentially develop lower self esteem. These treatments for skin discolorations range from topical creams like skin lighteners that work to bleach the offending mark into a color that is more closely resembling the surrounding skin. Unfortunately skin lighteners do not work very well for people with darker skin as they can make all of the surrounding skin look unnaturally pale next to the remaining skin, which may be as bad or worse than the original skin discoloration was.

Many forms of skin discolorations can be effectively treated with lasers, which work by targeting the skin discoloration with extreme accuracy and burning away the offending mark a tiny fraction of an inch at a time, allowing the skin to heal back to a normal looking tone.

You should be aware that some skin discolorations, particularly sun spots are your body’s natural reaction to overexposure to the elements. Treating the symptom in these cases, the skin discoloration, may not be sufficient and you should take care to change your lifestyle to protect your skin from more last and dangerous conditions like skin cancers. Speaking to a reputable experienced cosmetic surgeon will allow you to have all your remaining concerns answered and they will be able to tell you about the risks, limitations, and benefits associated with all the different treatments available for skin discolorations. Although there is a wide range of good information regarding skin discolorations online, like this very page that you are reading, there is no replacement for speaking with a knowledgeable doctor about your conditions. You should make a strong effort to find a good doctor who you are comfortable with trusting your physical appearance and potentially your health, and be sure you inform that doctor about any health condition you have so that the doctor will be able to make the right decision about what sort of treatment is safe and appropriate for you and your skin discolorations. You will be happy that you did.

Skin Discoloration Treatments