Keeping Your Skin Healthy with Exfoliants

exfoliantsIf you have dry or oily skin, exfoliants may be the perfect skin care item for you. It can rejuvenate your skin by smoothing it out, as well as stimulate new collagen growth. It may also get rid of fine lines, and can help with acne.

How Does It Work?

Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This allows the new skin underneath to show. Babies naturally exfoliate every few days, but adults shed a great deal less. As a result, we need more help in getting rid of dead skin, which is why exfoliants are used.

Once the dead skin is removed and new skin grows, moisture can be absorbed more easily into the skin. This helps create a glow about the face and helps slow the creation of wrinkles. Gentle scrubs such as loofahs, body scrub formulas, exfoliation brushes, and facial cloths help in the exfoliation process.

Best Uses for Scrubs

For sensitive skin, downy loofah sponges are the best choice. Facial cloths work well for lighter exfoliation; they are designed to not only get rid of dead skin, but to clean as well. For skin that is less sensitive, dense loofah sponges or exfoliation brushes will work best. Exercise caution when using a brush, however; they can be very rough. There are a number of different brushes with varying bristle types. Experiment until you find the one that suits you best.

Scrub Formulas

Scrub formulas can work in concert with scrubs and brushes. Most are salt or sugar based, and they often contain mood enhancing fragrances. These include pumice stone, sand, crushed grape seed, apricot seeds, natural honey, extracts of jasmine, and many others.

The size of the particles in scrub formulas can vary. The larger the granule, the less sensitive your skin should be. Also, the size of your sebaceous oil glands can play a large role in your choice of formula. Larger sebaceous glands allow the skin to take more intense treatment. But those with acne or other skin disorders must be very careful when choosing a scrub formula. Certain types of dry skin can also become irritated.

Every ingredient works differently in a scrub formula. Be careful and pay close attention to your skin’s reaction when using a scrub and/or formula for the first time. The ingredients may be natural, but they may be too strong for your skin.