Skin Care – Sunscreen Slows Skin Aging

sunscreenA recent study delivered great news for users of anti-wrinkle concoctions and expensive skin serums. Simple SPF 15+ sunscreen can prevent the aging effects of sun exposure and, in some cases, reverse it. These findings will free many from the expense of purchasing pricey skin care products in order to keep their skin looking firm and young.

Researchers studied 900 Australian men and women from 1992 to 1996, splitting them into several groups. One group’s members were told to use SPF 15+ sunscreen at their discretion. Another group was instructed to use the same strength sunscreen on their heads, necks, arms, and hands daily, and to reapply it if they sweated heavily or went swimming.

Results and Impact

At the study’s end, the group members instructed to apply the sunscreen daily were more than twice as likely to apply it three to four days a week than the group given discretion. As a result, 24 percent of the daily user group showed no signs of further photoaging. In other words, they didn’t actually use sunscreen every day, but they used it often enough to help their skin look younger.

The number of members who had signs of photoaging at the beginning of the study actually decreased nine percent, which points to sunscreen as actually reversing the ill effects of the sun. This news may be the most exciting finding of the study because it promises younger looking skin to the masses. Using sunscreen is easy and inexpensive enough to encourage widespread use.

Additional Implications

At the same time as the sunscreen study, a carotene trial was conducted, with some members being given this vitamin B supplement and others given a placebo. No real measureable benefit was found to stem from the carotene, but it hasn’t been ruled out yet as an aid to anti-aging. Further studies need to be conducted in order to understand the role of this supplement in skin care.

Scientific Study

This scientific study may free many from the tyranny of the cosmetics counter and the need to search for new and better wrinkle-fighting products. If sunscreen on its own can be so effective in fighting photoaging, then the days of stocking up on expensive skin care potions are over. The companies that produce these products may not be fans of this study.

More Effects and Benefits of Sunscreen

Nothing is going to stop all the effects of aging, but if sunscreen can stop skin from becoming coarse, dry, and spotted from exposure to the sun, more people will be willing to use it. Although it seems people should use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, retaining their beauty may be a stronger incentive than protecting their health.

Overall, this study is wonderful news for the sunscreen industry, which soon may be advertising their products as remedies for premature aging. Sun worshippers will have an even greater incentive to use protective lotions, and users of expensive wrinkle remedies will save a significant amount of money. Further studies will certainly follow and perhaps unlock more secrets to slowing the aging of skin.