Skin Care – Sun Protection and New Treatments for Aging Skin

Young woman with hat enjoying summerIt’s no secret that people want to have good-looking skin regardless of how old they are. People are always looking for ways to keep their skin looking youthful, but they often do not know how to properly take care of their skin in order to have it looking the way they want. In order to keep one’s skin in the best possible condition, one needs to learn proper skin care protection techniques. Luckily, medical experts at Harvard have fully explained how to properly take care of skin.

Basic Skin Protection

For most people, the sun is their worst enemy. Sun damage can cause skin to dry and crack, prematurely wrinkle, and in the worse cases it can cause skin cancer. The only way for one to stop the sun from harming their skin is to take preventative measures to protect themselves from it.

Proper Clothing and Hat

Protection from the sun starts with people putting on the right kind of clothing before going anywhere were one is going to be exposed to the sun. When one is outside in the sun, it is best to always have a layer of clothing protecting their skin from the sun. It is also important to wear a hat and sunglasses. Some people think that they can wear a visor in place of a hat, but this is not true. The top of a person’s head can be affected by the sun, just as much as the rest of the body can.

Wearing adequate clothing to protect from the sun is a good start to protecting from its harmful rays, but people rarely do this. People adapt their clothing to the weather conditions they are in and this often means that they wear less clothing in hot, sunny weather.


This is why people need to use sunscreen. Any part of a person’s skin that is exposed to the sun needs to be protected by sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF, and the sunscreen a person uses needs to be reapplied frequently, as any kind of moisture, including sweat on a person’s skin, causes sunscreen to come off.

Basic Skin Care

After one has adequately protected them self from the sun, the next thing they need to do to protect their skin and reduce the effects of aging, is to take basic care of their skin. A person does this by washing their face with a cleanser, and by using a moisturizer on their face. A person’s skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized daily in order to adequately care for it, and the products that uses to do this must be gentle, unscented skin care products.

Improving Skin

If a person already has skin problems, the steps above will help improve their skin, but it will not completely fix their problems. If a person wants to reverse the effects of bad skin care protection techniques, and reduce the effects of aging at the same time, they can use cosmetic surgery to fix their skin problems.