Skin Care – Stop the Clock, Look Younger Longer

woman with beautiful skinWomen in their twenties or their thirties might already feel the pressure of aging on their skin care and look to a cosmetic solution. The practice of getting better quality skin at a younger age is by no means a new one, but one that health and beauty companies are zeroing in on to gain a larger market share. After all, even younger women are not immune to skin complications that make them yearn for a better look.


The plague of most women (and men) in their teenage years, a breakout of zits or redness can be extremely embarrassing for all ages. Since it does not simply go away after puberty, as over half of women older than twenty-five experience it, the condition remains a lifetime problem. Adult acne hits lower on the face than the teenage variant, running along the jaw line and the chin rather than high in the cheeks.

In order to eliminate adult acne, it can be necessary to use medication in order to increase the rate of skin cell turnover so that healthy cells take the spot of their red, inflamed counterparts. In the event that medication is not enough, LED light can attack bacteria pockets of facial skin, providing up to a seventy-five percent reduction in acne over the course of three months. About a dozen sessions, two per week, are needed.

Dull Skin

Since the skin cells of younger women have a rapid turnabout, maturing and exfoliating every four weeks like clockwork, it is rare to find women younger than 20 who have problems with dull, non-reflective skin. Once they hit their mid-twenties, however, the exfoliation process stalls and it is more common for dead skin to build up rather than be shucked off. The end result is skin that reflects less light. A chemical peel is one of the best anti-aging cosmetics procedures on the market, since it can be done in the span of only an hour and provides instant results. Best done over the course of three treatments and six weeks, a peel can leave women’s skin looking a decade younger.

Fine Lines

There comes an age when the lines that come with smiling do not vanish once one stops smiling. As the skin loses its tension and the collagen weakens, the muscles below the skin become less capable of holding it together. One of the most popular and practical solutions for attacking facial lines is the Botox injection that will paralyze the muscles and provide as much as six months’ worth of smoothness in one go.

Sagging Skin

As years of exposure to the sun and the impact of genetics come to a head, skin begins to droop and lose its elasticity. Women’s necks and jaw lines are most affected by this trend. A tightening treatment will heat the underlying tissue and cause it to contract. The results can last a year, and the process takes upwards of an hour.