Skin Care – Answers to Your Sunscreen Questions

sunscreenIt has been said time and again that the most important weapon against any skin problems is for one to have adequate sun protection. Since it is impractical for any person to just stay indoors for most of their life then the easiest, most affordable, and most practical way to get the necessary sun protection is a daily dose of sunscreen. Since there are many different versions and brands of sunscreen vying for consumers’ attention, one may find it confusing and difficult to decide on which one to buy. Here are some answers that consumers need to know about buying the best sunscreen.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Sunscreen

Consumers sometimes think that the higher the sun protection factor the better it can protect them from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Experts agree however, that the SPF 50 offers the maximum protection necessary. Some companies label their products with SPF 80 or even as high as SPF 110 but these are simply marketing ploys. In fact, the FDA has already proposed a rule that labels should show only SPF 50+ since it is the highest that is allowed. While this rule has not yet been approved yet, most manufacturers are now putting the SPF 50+ label on their products.

What Women With Treated Hair Can Do To Prevent Sun Damage To Their Hair

Women can be very particular when it comes to their hair, especially for those who have had it colored. Products with UV filters or antioxidants are best for keeping the hair color from turning into a different shade. While this can be used as a preventive measure women should know that this does not prevent cancer. One should still use a hat when staying out in the sun for too long.

The Proper Way To Apply Sunscreen

Some people think that they just have to put on sunscreen once then they can lounge around in the sun all day without suffering adverse effects. They are thinking wrong. There is a proper way to apply sunscreen and the magic formula for this is 30-20-2-1. Thirty stands for the minimum SPF that one should use. Twenty stands for the number of minutes before a person exposes himself to the sun that he should apply sunscreen. Two is the number of hours that one can stay out in the sun without reapplying sunscreen. Lastly, one stands for the number of ounces that is needed to coat the body with enough product to make it effective.

The SPF in sunscreen does not last for the entire day. In fact, protection only lasts about 2 to 4 hours. Dermatologists agree that for those who plan on staying out in the sun for long periods of time should go for water-resistant sunscreens on top of their moisturizers. Proper skin care should be observed in order for one to maintain that youthful glow. Practicing regular use of sunscreen is one way of making sure that one can prevent aging.