Skin Care – 5 Foods for Younger Skin

younger skinOne should know that what they eat is reflected in how their skin may look. If one wants their skin to glow and still look sweet sixteen in your late 30’s, you should be choosier on the kinds of food you eat.

Not all food makes your skin look young, there are only a few that have such ability, and which one should consider incorporating into their daily diet. The following are five foods for skin care, which will make the skin look younger:

Leafy Green Vegetables

Want to get rid of wrinkles and inflammations caused by the sun? Eat leafy green vegetables such as kales and spinach, which contain lutein. Lutein protects the skin from wrinkles and inflammations induced by the sun.

Wild Salmon

Eating a single serving of wild salmon every five days to prevent rough precancerous patches. Astaxanthin is a pigment that gives fish pink coloring. This is a strong enemy of free radicals and rogue molecules that destroy cell membranes and DNA, causing the skin to age.


Tomatoes have got a red pigment-lycopene which protects the skin from UV damage (works more like sunscreen but from inside out). To get maximum protection, one should include tomatoes and olive oil in their diet.

Sweet Potatoes

For a smoother skin, one should eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have beta-carotene that makes the tubers orange. Beta-carotene helps to curb skin dryness, balance the skin’s pH and promote cell turnover.

Citrus Fruits

Collagen is an important component of young skin. Collagen starts to break down as soon as one reaches the age of twenty. To replace the broken down collagen, one should consider eating citrus fruits, which are rich in vitamin C, which is crucial in building collagen. Citrus fruits also have bioflavonoid which shield the skin against harmful UV rays and also prevents cells from dying.

What One Should Know

Natural foods are considered better than pills and cosmetics. There are various factors in foods which have not been studied but which have enormous benefits compared to the over the counter pills and skin care supplements that are available in stores.

What One Should Never Forget

Always have a drink after meal—water, fruit juice, wine or any beverage. Leslie Baumann, a Dermatologist recommends red wine because it contains grape seed extracts and resveratrol, which are powerful antioxidants.

Foods to Avoid

While the aforementioned foods keep the skin looking young and supple, it is advisable to keep off white foods including foods made using refined grain products such as white rice, bread, and pasta. The problem with such foods is that the body breaks them down into sugar, which bonds with protein to create advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The bad news is AGEs cause inflammation and stiffening of collagen and as a result, lead to the formation of wrinkles. What’s more, avoid the temptation to pop supplement pills instead of eating food. According to board-certified Dermatologist and author Nicholas Perricone, it is likely that food has many synergies that benefit the skin and are hard to replicate in a supplement.