Sexy Spring Legs

Beautiful LegsIf you have or are prone to varicose veins here are a few tips of prevention:

  • Avoid standing in one place for a long period of time.
  • Exercise regularly. Walking is good for the legs because it increases circulation.
  • Raise your legs up 6 to 12 inches above your heart when you are lying down.
  • Maintain ideal body weight.
  • Keep your legs uncrossed when sitting.
  • Avoid high heels.

If you already have varicose veins we can help!

At Epione we offer two procedures to treat varicose veins. Large to mid-size veins can be treated with sclerotherapy injections. Laser Vein Removal is used to treat small to mid-size veins.

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a medicine into the vessels, which makes them shrink. The principle of Laser Vein Removal is the following: laser penetrates the skin to raise the temperature of the blood vessel and safely coagulate it. The sensation is typically described as feeling like a rubber band hitting against your skin and treatment usually lasts a few minutes. Over time the vessel fades and slowly disappears.