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When considering lip augmentation the reviews from satisfied customers are many; including numerous women who now joke that they can “kiss like the Hollywood stars.” In fact, this cosmetic procedure is so popular today that lip augmentation now covers a broad range of treatments for those who want to enhance their lips.

New Lips May Boost One’s Confidence

Ask why they chose lip augmentation, some women will explain how they were not happy with their natural lips, and wanted something “fuller” after noticing that their lips started to lose some plumpness with age. They say things like “I wanted those movie star lips not just to look and feel better, but to also get that fullness that I always desired in my lips, “ and “I always wanted those plumper, fuller lips. It just makes me feel better about myself.”

Lip Augmentation Now Mainstream

Lip augmentation fans seem pleased with this enhancement to their face, while others are somewhat surprised that lip augmentation has more or less gone mainstream in recent years. Many didn’t elect to have this procedure to add more fullness to their lips because it seemed to be either too Hollywood, or too expensive.

Voluptuous Lips Always in Style

While many older women are opting for lip augmentation, there’s also a view with younger women that if you don’t already have voluptuous lips like your favorite celebrity, it’s very easy to achieve this look that always seem to be in style. For instance, there’s numerous online lip augmentation websites and magazine features that spotlight voluptuous lips as not something new in terms of a desired women’s look, but something that’s been popular “for ages.” Looking back at old Hollywood in the 1920’s and 30’s, and there’s plenty of women stars with really plump lips. Flash forward to the Sixties and even today in 2013 and there’s the same sort of celebrity with these nice lips. So it’s not new, but just trending again.

Lips Come in all Shapes

Because of the prevalence of full lips in the media today — with women models, actors and other celebrities showing off their new big lips — there’s also a trend for these new cosmetic lips in all shapes and sizes.

Lip Augmentation Affordability

At the end of the day, it’s not that many women would not want this cosmetic lip augmentation procedure but, instead, it’s more about the time and cost. Overall, the theme for most cosmetic experts offering lip augmentation procedures is a focus on affordability. Sure, it’s known that to achieve such celebrity lips as those made famous by either Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts may cost a bit, there are numerous satisfied customers who say they didn’t go so far as “getting Jolie lips, ” but instead opted for lip augmentation that simply increased their lips a bit at a reasonable cost. While there are a host of various lip augmentation treatments — from lip implants to lip fat transfers — many women report having lip augmentation treatments that involve affordable lip fillers that seem to satisfy their need for this popular cosmetic treatment.

Lip Augmentation Patient Reviews

“I was completely satisfied with Dr. Ourian when I received Radiesse on my cheeks and lips.”
– J.W.

“I like coming here, the doctor does an amazing job with my lips. I can’t wait to try the coolaser treatment! I will always come here for any beauty treatment I want.”
– JC

“My lips look fantastic! I have referred friends.”
– JJ

“My lips look fantastic! Dr. Ourian is a true artist. They are natural and full, great results!”
– KF

“I love my lips!”
– A.N.

“Dr. Simon is great. He is a skilled artist.”
– JB

“I am very satisfied with the service and the results I got.”
– KG

Love the lip work he does with fillers…
– SK

“Staff is always great; Dr. O is gentle and cool!”
– AM