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According to recent research, it is estimated that close to 10% of the total American population has a tattoo. It has also been discovered that not so many people are comfortable with a particular type of tattoo on their body therefore bringing the need for a safe removal option such as the laser tattoo removal. This option works by introducing a high-intensity beam of light that breaks the pigment of colors in that particular tattoo. However, even before you decide to go for this type of tattoo removal, it is important to find out what other people are saying about it based on their previous experience.

Learning more from real life stories

The greatest benefit of reading through these reviews is the fact that you will be able to get independent sentiments expressed by clients who have used this service in the past. In fact, these reviews are not aimed at promoting this service because the clients discuss their real life experience. Can you always trust laser tattoo removal reviews to get more information about this service and to also prepare yourself psychologically before going for it? That’s up to you to decide.

Learning more about the side effects

When it comes to matters concerning health and treatment, the patients might experience various side effects. However, these reviews help in informing the readers about the possible side effects of laser tattoo removal and their impacts. This type of information helps you in deciding if this is the right option for you or not.

Preparing for the cost

The cost is also another factor that needs to be considered before going for laser tattoo removal. There are so many clinics that offer this treatment but their fees vary depending on different factors. These reviews give you the chance to interact with various patients to find out their preferred clinics and the probable charges for this service. It makes it easier for you to create a budget as you go for laser tattoo removal.

Learning more about the associated benefits

The popularity of laser tattoo removal is always rising due to its numerous benefits. However, you may not be in a position to choose this option simply because you do not know more about its benefits. These reviews and testimonials act as a good platform for informing, educating and advising the patients about the pros and cons of laser tattoo removal therefore giving you the chance to make and independent decision.


If you are planning to go for laser tattoo removal anytime soon, you should never ignore the importance of reading through the reviews and testimonials from other patients. This may play a crucial role in determining if you have made the right decision or not, the best clinic to visit, the average cash to spend and the post-removal effects. With this type of information, you can have a prepared mindset to approach any clinic for tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Patient Reviews

“After my initial treatments, I quickly began to see the tattoo disappearing. At the end of my treatments, there was absolutely no trace of the tattoo to be found! Thank you Dr. Ourian!”

“Everyone here is very nice and friendly. The doctor is very good and I’ve seen good results. He really cares about his clients.”

“My tattoo removal treatment was very beneficiary. The personnel was very professional and i commend them for their great work!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Simon’s since 1997. I must say ‘My hat is off, ’ ‘Bravo, ’ and ‘Well done.’ He has worked very very hard to create Epione and it’s image…And I couldn’t be more proud of him and his progress.”

“It was virtually painless, the staff was awesome!”

“The doctor was amazing with the results he provided. His assistants were the icing on the cake!”

“The entire staff is so professional and friendly. The overall environment is one that provides both comfort and instills a sense of privacy. Dr. Ourian is great!! caring!! and an artist!!”

“I love the energy and positive attitude that all the medical assistants, front desk, and the rest of the staff provide. I would recommend your facility to anyone. Thanks!”

“Epione creates a very peaceful and pleasant environment for its clients. The staff is very attentive and comforting. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work!”

“Excellent work – Keep up the great job.”

“Splendid Results.”

“Very happy with the level of service I received and would recommend others to check out Epione.”