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Prior to undertaking an important step in reversing the tides of aging such as trying Juvéderm, people first tend to defer to authoritative reviews online, especially if they can find one. A site like helps facilitate the decision making process. Apparently, individuals with means just don’t go to any website that specializes in collecting product feedback.

Number of Juvéderm Reviews: #1 Indicator of Credibility

It also appears that money is not the object. Certainly not for men and women looking to have an injection that can diminish their frown lines and add volume to sunken areas of the face, such as the cheeks, lip exterior and tear troughs. They seem willing enough to pay the price, provided the job is done to a T.

Hence, they tend to look for a website with a great deal of credibility. By far, one of the best indicators that a site is credible is the number of reviews posted on say, the Juvéderm experience. The more, the merrier; and also, the longer, the better. Short and sweet reviews are still helpful, especially for an individual who doesn’t like reading a lot. However, the share of mind for these terse write-ups seem lesser compared to a detailed essay.

The Quality of the Feedback Elicits a Juvéderm Decision

In deciding whether to try Juvéderm or not, people don’t seem to be looking for a kind of feedback that has been composed by a pro. In fact, when a review is spotless with regards to spelling, grammar and punctuation, there is a tendency to suspect that there is something fishy. Thus, the more personal the writing, the more palatable it becomes to the mind. The writer can ramble on and on, but, since the reviewer is discussing details such as the pain experienced or injection marks that are left behind, the one on the reading end tends to be patient. After all, it could be their turn to try Juvéderm next.

The Big Role that Before and After Photos Play in Choosing Juvéderm

Ultimately, the decision to go for Juvéderm or Restylane can be settled by before and after pictures. Men, especially, tend to be very visual. The more pictures they see about a procedure, the quicker they are able to arrive at a conclusion. This is why feedback sites that allow only text just don’t cut it. Nevertheless, beware of fake pictures: Sharp people can spot a phony miles away.

The Presence of a Reliable Expert Adds Pressure Points

The final settlement of the issue is usually decided by an expert personality available. It’s only a matter of time before the customer awards the business to a specialist or clinic whose name happens to keep popping up in the discussions. In one word, it’s all about credibility. Whether a human being will choose Juvéderm over Restylane, or any product for that matter, a credible source is the primary driver.

Patient Reviews

“As always, excellent service. The staff are extremely professional at all time.”

Juvederm treatments were effective. They eliminated the deep folds in the upper lip. In addition- an added plus- treatment in the corner of the mouth eliminated the down turn that made me look like I was frowning.”

“I appreciate the flexibility of staff to listen to my concerns and meet my individual needs appropriately.”

“I love coming here. Everyone is kind, helpful and informative!! Always helps to soothe anxiety and creates an environment that encourages questions. Thank you so much.”

“I feel it does not matter how little money you may have. When I come here I feel like I am treated if though I have a million bucks! Patient, love and courteous. Thanks a million.”

“They are the best !!! I trust them all with my life and love them all !! Thank you so much Epione. Keep it up!!”

“Once again, Epione Rocks”

“Very nice staff. Concern for patient satisfaction. My last visit was wonderful.”

“He is the best doctor ever I trust him with my life!!! I recommend him to everyone I know!”

“The staff at Epione are simply friendly, reliable, and ALWAYS stand behind their given word. I’ve always been treated very professionally which has led me to recommend numerous family members and clients of my own to Doctor Ourian.”

“Always happy to come here, just don’t tell my boyfriend!”

“I have been a patient at Epione for over four and half years and I can not emphasize brilliancy of Dr. Simon Ourian. The staff understands how important the treatments are to my career and they go above and beyond their job to make me happy time and time again. The downtime is very minimal and my skin has been improving as opposed to degrading as I get older. Thank you Dr. Simon and Epione!”

“Everyone is extremely helpful.”

“Have know the doctor for a long time. Trust him and recommend him to all.”

I am always happy with the level of professionalism and have already told lots of friends and clients- Thank you!

“Thanks for the results. I really appreciate the comfortable setting that was provided.”

“He is the best!!! There is no other doctor in the world more amazing!!!”

“Great Juvederm! Fantastic Results.”