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In the Internet age it is possible for consumers and patients to get instant access to information about medical treatments. Dysport, a new botulinum toxin that is capable of relieving facial wrinkles by relaxing muscles, is one such treatment that has gained a bit of controversy around online message boards and review sites.

Look For A Cure

The first step that many online users take towards finding out whether a treatment like Dysport is right for them is to check out the medical facts behind a procedure. Pages like eHealth and eMedicine service tens of millions of people each month who come with little more than a list of symptoms or the name of a treatment option. Since these pages make their money through advertising and sponsorship, they devote large page space towards consumer testimonials to get as many people as possible to click through their pages. Their review pages allow people to get more information on treatments and doctors.

Find A Doctor

If the reviews available on medicine sites do not have all the facts needed, outlink medical pages directly connect patients with medical professionals. Review sites like DoctorConnect allow potential patients to browse through doctors, surgeons, and treatments in and around their area. Since each doctor’s page has a lengthy comment section, users can read first-hand accounts of efficiency and practicality. Anyone looking for Dysport reviews can check out the doctors in their area through these sites and add their own input after a consultation.

Info On Medication, Drugs, Treatment

Online ratings systems are a way to give the user the chance to put in their own two cents about a process. Sites like WebMD have massive user reviews and ratings pages, where dozens or even hundreds of patients can add their opinion on a subject in the same sense that an Amazon customer could comment on a DVD purchased at the site. Usually users rate a treatment by effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction, using a five-star treatment for each. Visitors to the treatment review page see the aggregate score for each and can filter through different conditions. For a Dysport review, they can see users who had an operation between eyebrows, for neck spasms, or for other medical purposes. Reviewer information is rated by age, gender, time of treatment, and length of recovery.

Get The Big Picture

Community based health sites like Real Self feature comprehensive reviews of medical procedures. With information on the process, duration, and cost, it gives potential patients a look at the successes and failures of Dysport injections as well as other procedures. Reviewers provide more information including the amount of money they spent for a procedure and their location so that a visitor can be informed about poor or expensive operations in their vicinity. Mostly divided into a “worth it” or “not worth it” dichotomy, these community review pages feature hundreds of individual reactions as well as comments and pictures.

Dysport Patient Reviews

“As always, wonderful customer service and fantastic remarkable treatments.”

“Very happy and thankful with the doctor. Glad that I chose Epione for my treatment.”

“My visit was great, and I was pleased that all of my concerns were addressed. Everything was thoroughly explained to me before the procedure and this made me feel much more comfortable. The staff was very professional and kind, making it easy to ask them the questions that I had. Overall, the visit was pleasant and at this time I don’t feel anything needs to be changed.”

“Epione has transformed me. Certain features on my face had always made me feel subconscious and now they are gone. I now light up the room. It has energized me and given me confidence, not false confidence put true confidence from the inside. I recommend Epione to everyone, everything starts by feeling good about yourself. Thank You Epione!!”

“I am a 62 year old male. After treatments with EPIONE and there excellent staff people are guessing my age in the mid forties. You do not know how much this means to me. My self esteem and overall well being is over the top. I have turned back time in my physical appearance. People would never guess my true age. I am not going down easy and it shows.”

“Epione has the all around best service, great treatments and staff! You will never find better! Thank you!”

“I would like to thank your staff for making me feel comfortable. I am also happy with the results I’m getting from the treatments as well. Thanks again.”

“I had a treatment before with Dr. Ourian. I loved the results so I recommended Epione for great results and it’s very affordable.”

“It’s a wonderful place to come and feel at home. Also, a great place to leave and feel beautiful!”

“You all are great people! Thank you for making me look great!”