Radiesse Injection in Los Angeles

Radiesse Injection in Los Angeles is for all the age conscious people out there. People nearing the age of 35–60, and still wanting to look attractive should worry no more. Radiesse injection in Los Angeles is basically biocompatible and non-toxic filler that is used to fill the wrinkles and scars and enhance your features such as lip line. Also, it is responsible to fill the wrinkles and skin folds appearing around the mouth and nose region. Men and women equally are opting for Radiesse injection in Los Angeles these days.

What exactly is a Radisse injection? It is injectable dermal filler that contains calcium hydroxylapatite which is biodegradable and does not last longer than 24–36 hours. Radiesse injection is able to fill wrinkles and scars, and even acne marks, giving you a whole new young look. Unlike most, the Radiesse injection does not involve any animal product. However, since the main ingredient, calcium hydroxylapatite is biodegradable; it will mean that you will have to inject the Radiesse injection frequently, as it will be used up by your body tissues with time.

They say beauty is pain; however, this does not completely apply to Radiesse injection. Only the needle injection will cause a minor pain. Even though the pain is there but it is quite minimal. Just after the treatment you may experience redness, bruises or swelling in the area that was treated. The only time till you may go through this discomfort is 24 hours, during which your doctor will advise you to stay out of the sun. Little easiness and pain will be treated with medications.

The treatment of Radiesse injection in Los Angeles mainly comprises of a numbing cream and needle sticks. The numbing cream will act as anesthesia and put you at a fairly less painful condition, while the doctors are operating. At first, the doctor will select the site that is to be treated. Antiseptic will also be applied. Secondly, he will decide what amount of Radiesse injection you will need. Lastly, the Radiesse injection is injected in areas below your skin, under the dermis and subcutaneous layer. The final result of the surgery will be visible perfectly after a week. The effect may last till one or two years though, but will need retouches from time to time.

Future risks and side effects are the questions always present in a patient’s mind whenever he/she goes through a treatment. Radiesse injection also has some; but very rare. One of the complications is the appearance of nodules on the sites of treatment with Radiesse injection in Los Angeles. In case you experience some unbearable pain or anything that you think is unusual, better consult a qualified doctor promptly.

As you grow old, some might think that your beauty time is over. However, everybody has a right to look good and attractive. Putting the age factor aside, Radiesse injection gives you a whole new concept of beauty and self confidence!