Prevent Hair Loss with Botox Injections

Botox scalp injectionBeverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2009 — Preliminary findings have shown that Botox injections into the scalp may effectively trigger hair growth. Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, has tested and refined the procedure over a period of three years with volunteer patients of the Epione Center, an internationally recognized beauty destination in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ourian is now confident in the effectiveness of the treatment and is preparing to undergo controlled clinical studies in order to verify its efficacy and suitability for general use as a marketable hair growth treatment.

The first thing to understand about baldness is that it is not a medical disorder. It is a condition by which hair follicles under the scalp have shrunk to the point where they no longer create new follicles to replace the old dying follicles. Since each follicle usually regenerates every 2–6 years, baldness is a slow but continual physiological process that results in patches of baldness on the scalp connecting with other patches to form a hairline.

Dr. Ourian notes that finding effective baldness treatment is a personal decision, involving many factors including cost, possible benefits, and convenience. The prospective patient looking for ways to treat baldness has more choices now than at anytime in history. Science currently offers two distinct forms of baldness treatments. There is the prescription medication route, which usually involves Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Alopecia), and can be a very cost-effective hair loss remedy.

Rogaine, a solution applied directly to the scalp, slows down hair loss and in some cases can actually grow new hair. Alopecia, on the other hand, does not in most cases grow new hair, but has proved even more effective, especially if detected early, in slowing down and stopping the rate of hair loss. Surgical baldness treatments such as Hair Transplantation, are also a viable option, yet are naturally more expensive than Botox injections or prescription medications. Follicular Micro-Grafting transplants healthy follicles, 1–4 hairs at a time, to an area in need of hair growth. Consequently, producing a look that appears natural is often quite difficult for physicians to achieve.

Sighting studies conducted by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, indicating that Botox could be used effectively to relieve migraines, Dr. Ourian’s hair growth discovery originally manifested with treating his own mother for debilitating headaches, a side effect of chemotherapy treatments along with more visible hair loss. Dr. Ourian, an Allergan Diamond Partner, had experienced first-hand the appreciation of patients relieved from the agony of years of suffering from migraine headaches by virtue of Botox scalp injections. Hoping to bring that same relief to his mother, Dr. Ourian injected her scalp with Botox. Not only did her headaches diminish but her follicles were re-growing in the areas surrounding the injections.

“Of course, I was happily surprised by the result, ” said Dr. Ourian, “so I decided to share this discovery with several of my regular patients. Because hair loss is a significant source of insecurity for many people, both men and women, there was no shortage of volunteers with thinning hair.” The results for many were astonishing, and for some, a single session yielded dramatic results.

Typical side effects of the scalp treatments were those normally associated with Botox injections (temporary swelling, pain, bruising, etc). In an effort to increase the efficacy of the treatments, Dr. Ourian added to the injections a cocktail of vitamins generally known to stimulate hair growth which showed improvements in the tissue environment surrounding the hair follicles by reducing scalp tension and improving blood flow. Despite the positive results, Dr. Ourian is quick to state that his findings are anecdotal and that proper clinical trials still need to be done.

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