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  1. Epione is like a Beverly Hills celebrity hot spot. The waiting room is chic and gorgeous, more like a five-star hotel than a clinic. The waiting room is filled with well-heeled ladies. One would never know there’s a recession going on.
  2. These are some of the medical supplies used during a Coolaser treatment.
  3. Dr. Ourian’s Signature Skincare line of products. The main ingredients of the creams are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and kojic acid. Additionally, Dr. Ourian compounds prescription strength creams available exclusively for his patients.
  4. Why Not Erase Your Nasolabial Folds?
  5. Dr. Ourian examines the photo of a woman provided by Story magazine
  6. I would treat this woman with dermal filler injections and Coolaser. These are effective treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give glowing skin.
  7. Dr. Ourian says that though beauty ideals vary from country to country and culture to culture I would recommend that she treat the areas around her eyes. This would give her a more youthful look.