It’s Botox day and the scene at the Beverly Hills Epione clinic is one to behold. The door to the plush clinic becomes the entrance to an army of thirty and forty somethings who queue up for a hit of the precious potion that’s wiping out wrinkles faster than their blinking, laughing, squinting, and frowning can create them.

Six months ago I was back for my now routine injection. Everyone in the office was talking about the new “Botox alternative.” “What is it?” I asked eagerly. “It’s called Myobloc, ” explained Dr. Ourian. “You may want to try it to see if it lasts longer. “Alright, ” I said, “shoot me up.” I was as thrilled with the results as I was with Botox. And the results have lasted longer for me.

The price tag for Myobloc is a little more than Botox, but considering it kept my face wrinkle-free longer, it was well worth it. They may someday find the fountain of youth, but until thenI intend to keep my face wrinkle-free. To find an experienced doctor in your area contact 888.928.2244