Plastic Surgery – What the Public Needs to Know to Protect Themselves from Illegal Operators

As wrinkles begin to knock at their doors, a burgeoning number of men and women are turning to plastic surgery and age-defying cosmetics. A Botox revolution has engulfed America; but is it led by qualified specialists or by imposters? A recent sting operation helmed by Boca Raton police suggests that sometimes it’s the latter.

Self-Styled Nurse Flouting State Laws

Sherry Goldman, a 58 year old resident of Highland Beach County, was recently caught by Boca Raton police in a sting operation. The undercover cops disguised themselves as patients seeking Botox treatments and approached the self-proclaimed nurse. She offered to inject them with discounted Botox without knowing that they were to be her last customers—at least for a while. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that the authorities have caught up with Goldman’s shady medical business. She was caught a few years ago and was put on probation through Dec 4, 2013.

On suggestion of a relative, the woman decided to check Goldman’s reviews online before going ahead with the procedure. This is how she learnt of Goldman’s previous brushes with the law and generally, tarnished reputation. She went a step ahead and checked the records at the Department of Health but to no avail. Investigators have pursued the case and uncovered a website, where Goldman claims to be a nurse with 30 years of experience who follows a revolutionary approach to beauty procedures.

The Real Cost of Fake Doctors like Goldman

With 58 years behind her, one can only wonder how many innocent patients’ health and safety Goldman may have compromised. The number could run into hundreds if she has indeed spent 30 years in the industry as she claims. The police are speculating that she may have used illegal or/and unsafe chemicals in her treatments as a means of keeping costs low.

Goldman may be just one of the many fake plastic surgery doctors currently practicing in the country. Such procedures are costing people a pretty penny and risking their health. Those looking for cosmetic procedures must understand that their safety is in their own hands. This arrest rings a warning bell, especially for those people who turn to discount websites in search of cheaper medical beauty procedures among other things.