Plastic Surgery – Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Unlicensed Practitioners

Social norms have grown in such a way that there is an increasing emphasis being placed on good looks and beauty. While some people may be very comfortable with the way they look, many others turn to cosmetic surgery to bring out a look that makes them feel comfortable. The rising demand for surgeons has also provided for the development of a black market for such services. This has resulted in several unnecessary accidents, which have resulted in life-long scarring and in some cases death from medical complications. All this stems from non-licensed cosmetic surgeons performing treatments that are far from standard beauty related techniques.

Impure Treatments

There is a range of procedures that are covered in this black market and passed off as legitimate treatments. For instance, firm buttocks are promised and people are injected with cooking oil. This can lead to embolization of fats in the body and multi-organ failure, as has been reported. There are several cases of people being injected with substances that are never meant for the body like bathroom caulking as well as gum, paraffin wax and even brake fluid. Most of these foreign substances have led to health complications, deformity of the body and even death.

Driving Motives

Despite knowing the dangers of improperly performed procedures, such unlicensed practitioners still continue to thrive. One reason for this is their cheap cost and the second is that they promise patients guaranteed results, and will do just about anything to get them into their offices. Most of the people who visit such unlicensed professionals have really high, perhaps at times inflated, expectations of what a procedure can achieve, and such non-qualified operators will just play along with those expectations.

Advantages of licensed practitioners

Drastic changes in the way one looks for a small price sound very tempting. However, if individuals are approaching an unlicensed practitioner, then they could be looking at damage that will plague them for the rest of their life. Even for simple procedures, such as the injection of Botox or similar injectables, there is a limit, and only a licensed and ethical cosmetic Dermatologist knows where to draw the line. Licensed professionals will also have clean environments and inform patients of all the things that they can and cannot expect. The procedure will be conducted safely, and patients will walk out of the clinic with their health intact and changes that will help improve not only their looks but also their personality and self-confidence.

Individuals should make sure to look into their cosmetic Dermatologist including his or her qualifications, license to practice and reputation; to make sure they are putting themselves in safe hands.