Plastic Surgery for Men Up 106% Since 1997

In the past, plastic surgery has been common for women that are looking for ways to boost their appearance and enhance their beauty. Recently, trends have been seeing more and more men taking advantage of these types of procedures as well.

Shedding an age old negative stigma, men’s plastic surgery procedures are becoming commonplace. Besides tummy tucks, men are also receiving face work including Botox and dermal fillers. Almost ten percent of a typical plastic surgeon’s patients have become men. This figure has nearly doubled over the last two years alone.

Popular Procedures

As people are getting healthier and losing weight, extra skin may be left behind. This can be nearly impossible to get rid of without surgical intervention. Men are eliminating this skin with tummy tucks.

Many men seek procedures like dermal fillers because males burn a great deal of fat, especially in the face as they age. Fillers will give a man a more youthful appearance. Other popular trends for men include Cool Sculpting and laser hair removal. These take away fat from around the belly and remove hair from sensitive areas of the body.

Confidence Boosting Procedures

Typically, men undergo plastic surgery to increase their appearance and boost confidence. The most popular procedures for include nose jobs, liposuction, eyelid surgery, ear reshaping, and breast reduction. Many older men undergo plastic surgery in order to help themselves compete in the youthful job market. Younger male clientèle typically intend to enhance their physique. For example, high definition liposuction sculpt a better “six pack” using an ultrasonic unit that melts fat, contracts tissue, and lets a doctor mold the skin. This procedure has replaced common liposuction, which only reduces fat from one particular area.

Varying Preferences

There are certain differences between men and women when it comes to plastic surgery. Men tend to choose procedures that require less recovery time and present little pain. Men are also more decisive and decide to go under the knife much quicker. Women usually like to research procedures and think it over more carefully. Women are normally out to look younger and are willing to receive more invasive surgery that comes with more recovery time. Men prefer to gain confidence and appear quickly refreshed. This means that results must look extremely natural.

Changing Societal Values

It is obvious that more and more men are opting for plastic surgery. Whether it is used to appear younger, remove excess skin, or sculpt the body, trends show a great increase in the number of men willing to go under the knife. As society values youthfulness, this number is certain to increase. In the end, it is no longer an embarrassment to admit to a bit of surgical nip and tuck, even for a man.