Perlane Injections

In today’s world, who is not aware of usage and efficiency of dermal fillers. Collagen fillers have been known to rule the minds of beauty and youth seekers for a long time. However, now Perlane injections are quickly replacing collagen fillers. Yet, unlike collagen, Perlane injection is free from animal products. In addition, Perlane contains hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally found in human body.

The purpose of hyaluronic acid in human body is to cushion and lubricate the tissues. Like everything else, an aging body starts losing its hyaluronic acid, thus resulting in visible aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Not only does it cause skin aging, it also affects bones, muscles and other organs. Hyaluronic acid, therefore, is nicknamed as the ‘key to the fountain of youth’ as it slows down the break down of tissues.

Perlane injections are concentrations of hyaluronic acid that are used to soften the wrinkles and plump up areas like lips, cheeks and the area around the eyes. An alternative to Perlane injections is the Radiesse injections, which are also dermal fillers made up of hyaluronic acid. The difference is that Perlane injections have a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, which makes it more preferable option for denser folds such as laugh lines. Plus, the effects of Perlane injections can last for 6 months, which is longer than any other dermal filler.

Like other dermal fillers, Perlane injections are also injected into the skin with a fine needle. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane injection lubricates the area by attracting the water molecules and binding them together. This creates volume in the injected area and the area plumps up. Plumping up the volume makes the skin appear more smooth and youthful.

Since Perlane injections are free from animal products and are made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally abundant in human body, there is possibly less or no chance of allergies or side effects. Therefore, a preliminary test is not necessary. The product is gradually broken down and metabolized by the body, leaving no traces or effects behind.

Still, some patients might experience slight swelling, redness or itchiness at the injected area but these reactions are minor and temporary. These kind of minor reactions and discomfort vanish in a day or two. Since, its discovery, no major reaction to the Perlane injections has ever been reported. Therefore, Perlane injections are more natural, safer, more effective and longer lasting dermal fillers. Perlane injections can also be used along Botox to further enhance the effect. Frequent touch ups may also be required every 3–4 months. Typically a Radiesse injection is used to correct the reoccurring fine lines after few months of Perlane injection treatment.

The whole process of getting a younger fresher look with Perlane injections can take up to 30 minutes only. Although it is as easy as it can be, it is not as simple as dropping by at a physician’s office one day and getting out younger with a Perlane injection. You’ll need to set up a prior meeting with a professional and expert physician who will advice you about the precautions. There are some vitamin supplements and medication that you will need to avoid at least for a week prior to the treatment. And most importantly don’t forget to discuss your previous skin problems with the physician.