Patients Warned About Fake Botox Injections

Between 2004 and July 2008, the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations opened 210 investigations into health care professionals who purposely injected nearly 1000 patients with fake Botox. Instead, these patients were injected with an unapproved, cheaper substituted product. These investigations have led to 68 arrests and 29 convictions.

Reasons for Choosing Epione for Your Botox Procedure

  • 100% Pure Botox
  • Authentic Allergan Product
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • 10% discounts for repeat clients1
  • Maximum Strength
  • Guaranteed results
  • An Allergan Platinum Plus Member (Top 1% in the U.S.)
  • Safe (FDA Approved)
  • Free touchups2
  • Virtually painless

1Epione Benefits Program
2Free touch-ups within 14–21 days of initial treatment.