Oxygen Facials

Promising younger-looking skin, the oxygen facial is treatment being used by a growing number of celebrities. The procedure is performed by an aesthetician that applies a mix of pressurized oxygen and acid, combined with special serums, to the skin of the face.

Unlike Botox, the oxygen facial does not paralyze expression lines and is less painful. Because the oxygen is pressurized, it helps the skin absorb the combined serums that moisturize the face.

Benefits of the Oxygen Facial

The oxygen facial has the ability to remedy the visual signs of aging, such as lines, discoloration, and wrinkles. Prepared with moisturizers, oxygen may provide necessary hydration to the skin, a component that similar treatments feature in order to be beneficial and effective.

Elastin and Collagen

This cosmetic treatment may be the perfect solution for those patients seeking a less painful way to delay signs of aging. The oxygen facial reverses the signs of elastin and collagen loss. The loss of elastin and collagen is caused by aging, radiation from the sun, and from environmental toxins. Oxygen facials may plump the skin, resulting in a younger appearance, and the overall experience is often a pleasant one.

Skepticism About the Treatment

Oxygen facial cosmetics may be a soothing procedure, but unlike Botox, it is not FDA approved. Interestingly, it is not required that a licensed practitioner perform the procedure. Some experts are skeptical about oxygen facial cosmetics. The treatment claims to suppress the appearance of facial aging, but it has no scientific proof of long-term benefits.

The plumping effects of the oxygen facial cosmetics have been questioned. Could the plumping of the face be simply the result of inflammation and puffiness? Experts claim that microdermabrasion can cause the same kind of swelling.

Several patients have made complaints about the oxygen facial. Those that were unhappy with the treatment shared how they spent excessive funds on certain facial cosmetics that produced only transient benefits. These patients turned to proven facial cosmetics treatments, such as Botox injections, that have a history of established long-term effects.

Sizing up the Competition

Because oxygen facial cosmetics are a relatively new cosmetics treatment, it is often compared to the already proven brand, Botox. For years, celebrities and the masses have claimed to see results with Botox cosmetics. Though Botox is currently the front-runner in anti-aging cosmetics, the oxygen facial is receiving favorable reviews among celebrities. Soon, patients may choose a soothing experience, and elect the plumping oxygen facial over the widely used Botox injection.