Nose surgery: A change for good

A nose surgery, also referred to as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure done with a purpose of improving the proportions of a nose and overall aesthetic appearance of an individual. The nose has always been the most noticeable part of the human face and therefore enhancing its harmony with the rest of the face can greatly boost self confidence and self-esteem of a person.

In many cases, an abnormality in the structure of a nose such as nasal septum deviation can cause impaired breathing and therefore is treated as a health issue and would require a plastic surgery for the nose. A nose deviation is usually caused by an impact trauma caused by an injury and in some cases it can also be caused by a congenital disorder which appears due to nose compression during childbirth.

People suffering from above mentioned physical disorders frequently ask for help from qualified plastic surgeons and eventually turn to nose surgery.
Surgery of the nose may also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

What can I accomplish with plastic surgery for the nose?

Rhinoplasty can greatly change your life and bring you back confidence and beauty. A nose surgery procedure can have an impact on the following facial and nose characteristics.

  • Nose size and width – Changing the size, width or both of one’s nose can result in a harmonious relation of the nose with other structures of a face. This has a very positive result both in physical and psychological aspects of one’s life.
  • Nose profile – Changing the nose profile can result in removing any visible depressions or humps found on the nose bridge. Not to mention that having a beautiful profile is a desire of many people.
  • Nasal tip – An aesthetic nose surgery involving the change in nasal tip can contribute to making your nasal tip smaller and less bulbous or drooping.
  • Nostrils – A nose surgery done on the nostrils can make them smaller in size and tighter. Smaller nostrils have always looked sexy, especially in women.
  • Nasal asymmetry – Procedure to correct nasal asymmetry is done to make a nose more symmetrical with the rest of the face which can result in a proportional and desirable face.
  • Nasal deviation – Surgical procedure performed in the purpose of correcting this problem is done due to health and aesthetic reasons and may solve many breathing problems.

If you decide to do a nose surgery, be prepared to discuss the following with your surgeon.

  • The reasons why you want to do it and what your expectations and desires are.
  • Previous or current medical conditions and treatments as well as drug allergies.
  • Which medications you are currently using, if any, as well as other supplements, tobacco, alcohol or vitamins.
  • Any previous surgeries you have already done.

A plastic surgery for the nose is a good way to improve your appearance and/or solve some health problems. However, keep in mind that your goals when it comes to a nose surgery need to be realistic. A professional aesthetic surgeon will address you with many questions that you need to answer in order to complete your operation with the utmost success. His advice paired with your desire will give the best possible result.