Non-Surgical Lipo – The Latest Fat Busting Technology

There are a wide variety of different cosmetics procedures that a person seeking fat reduction can undergo. Bariatric surgery, liposuction, laser fat reduction, ultrasound, and cryotherapy that freezes one’s fat away have been popular methods of reducing fat. Until now, however there was no way to effectively get quality fat reduction from a cosmetic operation without pain or extensive. A new treatment, however, may be the fat-buster that countless people are hoping for. The Vanquish device, manufactured by BTL Aesthetics in Massachusetts, seeks to eliminate excess quantities of body fat by using radio frequencies to eliminate the bulk carried around in the midsection and thighs without harming (or even touching) a patient’s body.

An Upgrade On Existing Treatments

If one is seeking cosmetic fat reduction surgery, they may not be particularly pleased by their options. A liposuction treatment, for instance, will suck the fat right out of one’s belly or thighs, but will leave you sore for weeks, sometimes unable to sit down without pain and bruises. An ultrasound machine will break up fat molecules deep within your body, but can also damage organs, requiring strong pain medication. A cryotherapy routine will freeze away one’s fat, but in order to do so one must go back for weeks or even months of treatment and be subject to having to take painkillers. Other treatments (some not approved by the FDA) involve injecting chemicals that can leave a patient swollen and sore.

Radio For Fat Busting

By heating up the body tissues, it is possible to accelerate the burning of fat. Heating muscles, after all, is what happens during high intensity exercise, requiring fat cells in order to power the heat and then deliver healing nutrients to the area. The Vanquish machine uses radio waves in order to heat up the interior of our waist or legs or arms and obliterate fat. Though it uses deep-tissue heating in order to burn away body fat, one does not experience hot sensations, as skin is heated up to about 101 degrees Fahrenheit, only three degrees warmer than normal body temperature. Patients who went under the Vanquish’s radio waves reported feeling warm, and that it felt as if they were standing in front of a heating vent.

How To Get The Treatment

To get the full benefit from Vanquish, it is necessary to receive four treatment sessions, once a week, in order to evenly melt away the fat from the target area of the patient’s body. Since the body does heat up and sweat, patients will need to drink water both before and after treatment. Many of the dead fat cells will be swept out with liquid waste, so not drinking water can lead to blockages. To date, no patients have made complaints about pain or damage to their skin or underlying muscle mass.