No Anesthesia: Another Advantage of the Sixty Minute Facelift

If you’re planning to undergo a major surgical procedure such as a facelift you can expect general anesthesia will be administered. It’s important you know the risks and confirm that if your surgical plan includes general anesthesia it will only be administered in an accredited or licensed facility.

Factors that can increase your risk of complications:

  • Heart, lungs or kidney conditions
  • Alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • Food or drug allergies

Although the risks of serious complications from general anesthesia are low, they can include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Brain damage
  • Death

Anesthesia awareness: It is thought that 1 or 2 people per 1000 cases briefly wake up while under general anesthesia. Typically, the person becomes aware of his or her surroundings but doesn’t feel any pain. There are reports, however, of some patients experiencing agonizing pain and developing lasting psychological problems.

At Epione we offer the non-invasive, non-surgical Sixty Minute Facelift, developed by cosmetic Dermatologist Simon Ourian, M.D. “I think the idea of cosmetic surgery is becoming more commonplace and in our practice we understand that people don’t want to undergo major surgery that may entail significant risk or side effects. We focus our practice on minimally invasive techniques that can produce dramatic results, ” says Dr. Ourian, “and this treatment (Sixty Minute Facelift) has become known as a safe and fast alternative to surgical facelifts.”

The Sixty Minute Facelift treatment is performed without general anesthesia (it isn’t necessary), making it safer than a surgical facelift. Discomfort is described as minimal and appears to be especially effective for lines around the eyes and mouth. Skin texture improves and firming continues for several months after the treatment, resulting in subtle, natural rejuvenation.

Unlike conventional laser surgeries and surgical facelifts that can leave patients with undesirable scars and pulled, unnatural appearances, the result of the Sixty Minute Facelift is a “natural appearance with virtually no pain, ” explains Dr. Ourian.