Nine Anti-Aging Suggestions

The majority of individuals are aware of things like sun, smoking and stress that speed up the aging process and the need for cosmetics and plastic surgery. However, there are a number of surprising things that can also accelerate the visual signs of aging. Here are nine of the lesser-known culprits:

Sexual Sparsity

Too little sex is a dismal state of affairs but does it actually speed up the aging process? Sex helps people feel better and promotes immune function. Experts suggest that having sex about two times per week can contribute to slowing down aging.

Withering Warmth

Photo aging from the sun and radiant heat from a potbellied stove or an open fire are major radiation sources. Extended exposure to those heat sources deteriorates the skin and could actually result in skin cancer.

Pressuring Pillow

The American Academy of Dermatology believes that constantly sleeping on the face is among the primary causes of wrinkles. Sleep lines can become etched on the surface of the face when one sleeps in particular positions.

Dangling Dieting

Yo-yo dieters that are known to jump from one “miracle diet” to another need to be aware that these diet offer only short-term results and they accelerate aging as well. Losing weight too rapidly results in the loss of more muscle than fat, and often results in a period of rapid weight gain.

Technical Troubles

The jury is out on whether radiation from cell phones is bad for our health or not. Yet, it is advisable to play it safe and switch off these devices when sleeping. However, cell phone radiation has been linked to the disruption of sleep patterns and natural hormone cycles, processes vital to youthful appearance.

Sucking on a Straw

Frequently pursing the lips causes the muscle to get stronger and creases the lips. As individuals age, their skin loses elasticity and get thinner. Signs of aging can become more prominent after one reaches their forties if they always use a straw when sipping drinks.

Low-fat Life

Even though low-fat diets are quite popular, there are “good fats” such as those derived from olive oil and avocado, which help us avoid chronic disease and premature aging. Such “good fats” get eliminated from these diets. A healthy and balanced diet can be an effective counter to the visual signs of aging.

Banish the Brush

Unwashed cosmetics brushes can damage both health and looks. Dirty brushes can result in skin infections and unnecessary breakouts. It is imperative to use spray cleaners, soapy cleansers, and lots of water to keep makeup brushes clean at all times.

Excessive Exercise Exertion

The tremendous anti-aging benefits of exercise are undeniable. However, going overboard is counter-productive. Overactive athletes can be afflicted with “facial wearing, ” which is a haggardly, sunken-in look which require plastic surgery and significant amounts of facial fillers to be reversed.