New Treatment at Epione Yields Youthful Looking Hands

March 17, 2009, Beverly Hills, California — No area of the body gives away a person’s age more easily than the hands. As one age’s, so does the appearance of one’s hands. Epione Beverly Hills is now employing the latest innovation in cosmetic dermatology to address this issue. The combination of Coolaser and the dermal filler Radiesse offers patients the prospect of younger looking hands.

A young person has youthful looking hands with skin that is smooth and full. There won’t likely be wrinkles or age spots. But as we age the veins on our hands become pronounced, discoloration and wrinkles appear. Makeup can be used to cover facial blemishes and spots but this is not a solution many people are willing to use on their hands.

The hands never lie. You could always tell a person’s real age by looking at their hands; but not anymore. Epione Beverly Hills now offers a new Coolaser and Radiesse combination treatment that reduces the appearance of age spots and wrinkles resulting in younger looking hands.

Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, now offers a combination of Coolaser and Radiesse treatments that can make older looking hands look young again. “The eyes may be the windows to the soul but one’s hands are like the rings of a tree; they give away one’s age every time, “ states Doctor Ourian. “With this new treatment combining relatively simple procedures I can make a patient’s hands appear more youthful. I inject dermal fillers so as to reduce the appearance of veins and plump up the skin. And I use our Coolaser to treat any discoloration and age spots.”

Radiesse injections are composed of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel carrier. Radiesse side effects may include tenderness, swelling, itching sensation and redness at the injection site. Typically, these Radiesse injection side effects disappear after a day or two. Radiesse before and after photos can be seen on our gallery pages.
In conjunction with the Radiesse injections Dr. Ourian does Coolaser treatments that usually last from 10 to 15 minutes. “With the Coolaser I can effectively treat all skin tones, “ says Dr. Ourian. “When I’m done with the laser treatment we apply a healing ointment that I developed and that’s it. I like to think my work speaks for itself, “ concludes Doctor Ourian.

Look at what just some Epione patients have said about their Radiesse and Coolaser treatments:
“My anxiety was quickly diminished by the professional, caring treatment demonstrated by the esthetician and Dr. Ourian. All questions were answered. I received a follow-up phone call inquiring about my condition and reminding me to call if I had any questions. I followed all instructions and on day 1 after Coolaser I have no discomfort and can already see favorable results.” ~ R.V.

“Thank you!!! Great staff—am really happy that Dr. Ourian is so experienced and reasonably conservative that he does not over-do the treatments—i.e. he adds a little Radiesse the next time he sees you to achieve the results he wants—Great work!” ~ G.G.