New Smartphone Apps Allow Patients To Track Progress

Given the increased costs of healthcare in the country, people are resorting to technology to keep track of their health, regularly monitor common symptoms, revamp their exercise and diet plans, and plan timely visits to the GP to get health concerns addressed professionally. Smartphone apps and online consultation facilities are now available to monitor health and seek advice for common ailments and health conditions without having to rush to the doctor for a checkup.

13, 000 Health & Fitness Apps Available

Most of the urban and semi-urban population today can afford a smartphone. A smartphone is neatly customized with a set of smartphone apps, including those that track heartbeat, blood pressure, weight, time and distance covered on this morning’s regular walk or jog, mental sharpness, mood fluctuations, etc. The number of healthcare smartphone apps and their scope is steadily on the rise, capturing vital data that can later be of use to pinpoint the exact problem.

Reportedly 13, 000 health and fitness apps are in the market right now, with at least 21 % of the people choosing to track their health with the help of smartphone apps.

Is It Okay to Rely on Smartphone Apps for Healthcare?

They certainly cannot replace a physician but can, in fact, provide a lot of data that could help early diagnosis of the problem. The smartphone or other technology devices help people to record health parameters at frequent or prescribed intervals, which may not otherwise be possible unless admitted to the hospital. It is this data that helps doctors with their diagnosis. These devices and smartphone apps save lots of time and effort for both doctors and patients, and makes consultation and diagnosis relatively simpler, especially in cases of cosmetic treatment.

People often experience a range of skin problems such as acne, moles, blemishes, or tonal changes, either due to health issues or use of cosmetics. One smartphone app helps users keep track of acne and moles, by carefully tracking their changes in terms of visual appearances. Pictures can be stored and compared to either diagnose problems early or gauge the effectiveness of a cosmetic product.

Cosmetic Treatment for Common Skin Problems

Modern technology has made it easier to treat common skin problems, especially on the face, using minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Epione Medical Corporation offers a range of face treatments to effectively address acne, wrinkles, discoloration and other common problems.

Procedures such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion (scrubbing the skin and rejuvenating with a spray of fine crystals that remove the dry or dead cells) and promote a younger skin tone in the process may be quite successful in restoring the skin to a healthy state.