New Revolutionary Non-Surgical Procedure Using Radiesse Injections to Rejuvenate Hands

February 24, 2010 — Epione Medical Corporation, under the guidance of Medical Director Simon Ourian, M.D., has been using a novel approach to make hands look younger and softer. The treatment method involves Radiesse injections, the dermal filler used to treat facial wrinkles and folds.

“With Radiesse injections I can offer my patients a non-surgical option that is considered safe with a recovery that is typically quick with little downtime, if any” says Dr. Ourian. “We offer this treatment on an out-patient basis at my Beverly Hills clinic. I meet with each patient and customize a treatment plan for them, injecting only the amount of Radiesse required. I can do a touch-up treatment later if necessary to achieve the maximum aesthetic result.”

Radiesse (formerly known as Radiance), which has two FDA approvals, is made from calcium based microspheres suspended in a water based gel. Radiesse injections are placed in strategic areas in the hands to plump up the skin. It can fill in the spots that no longer have their natural fat deposits, and shape and contour the skin. The treatment takes only 15 minutes, and patients can be out and about almost immediately. Results are visible right after treatment. Unlike other dermal fillers, Radiesse stays soft and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue. Eventually, the calcium spheres slowly break down, leaving newly generated collagen behind. The manufacturers of Radiesse call this process “collagensis.” Because of its ability to help the body produce its own natural filler, a few treatments may be all you need.
Finding Radiesse hand rejuvenation before and after photos is simple: visit the Hand Rejuvenation subpage in our gallery. The before and after results, especially those that deal with fillers, are very striking; bony hands become fuller, and wrinkles are smoothed out.

The cost of Radiesse injections treatments for hands may vary depending on the extent of the treatment required to restore a youthful look. Radiesse side effects for this treatment are generally considered fairly minor, including swelling, itching and some soreness. Fortunately, the side effects typically last for a day or two. Epione, has many different payment plans to help make patient experience a pleasant and financially viable one.

Dr. Ourian has considerable experience with Radiesse. “Am I the top Radiesse injector”, Dr. Ourian asks with a smile, “it’s not for me to say. But I do know from the manufacturers of Radiesse that I’m one of the busiest injectors in the country. I like to think that I have more experience with Radiesse that most doctors, even plastic surgeons, and that my results speak for themselves.”