New Body Firming Treatments

body firmingThe obesity level in America has become a major concern due to a lack of disciplined health and fitness routines. Eating right combined with exercise is still the best recipe for maintaining a reasonable level of health. However, there are several noninvasive procedures that can assist with tightening more common problem areas of the body. These include minor plastic surgery treatments performed by cosmetics surgeons that result in distinct definition of the most difficult areas.

The Upper-Under Arm Area

The arms contain some of the most frustrating areas of the body to tighten up, with extra skin under the upper arms known as bat wings. Fortunately, there is a procedure known as micro-liposuction to remedy this problem. This process removes small amounts of fat with the use of a microcannula. This is a hollow tube that is the size of a pen point that is inserted into the area following the administering of a local anesthetic to suck out the fat in the area.

Diminishing Thigh Thickness

Dermatologists are performing a noninvasive procedure to eliminate fat cells in thighs using radio frequency technology to shrink fat cells in the upper thigh. The procedure is done without the requirement for general anesthesia. Only an hour is required to complete both legs with minimal side effects including redness or tenderness of the treated area.

Highly Unpopular Belly Fat

People are easily frustrated with left over belly fat following months of disciplined workouts. There is an effective treatment to lose the last couple of stubborn belly fat inches known as Liposonix. This is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes high-intensity ultrasound that will destroy fat cells permanently in the stomach and love handles. One session is reported to reduce the area by an inch; that is equal to dropping one dress or pant size. Side effects are minor and include pain, minor swelling, and the possibility of bruising.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulaze has become a highly recommended minimally invasive laser treatment to address cellulite. The process works by placing a laser beneath the skin to break connective bands that pull down the skin. This will eliminate dimples and melt that fat that causes lumpiness. Local anesthetic is used to minimize pain, although bruising and soreness can follow the procedure.