Mommy Makeovers: Is it Right For You?

Many mothers are concerned about their bodies, and feel less attractive than they did before giving birth. Their stomachs are no longer as tight, their breasts may sag, and they may have gained weight in the process. But what to do about it? Kate Gosselin, of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” fame, had a tummy tuck after having her multiple births. To cater to this specialized group, the “mommy makeover” is emerging as a solution among young mothers that want to restore their bodies to that pre pregnancy look. It is a single session combining a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or lift, and occasionally liposuction. This tackles most of the problems that mothers face, and many of them are pleased with the results.

Doctors feel that combining all of the procedures at once is not only efficient, but cosmetically best. The mother is able to see full results after recovery. However, multiple surgeries at one time can lead to a higher risk of complications and a longer recovery period. A major area of concern is how long the patient is anesthetized.

In addition, the doctor will have their own recommendation for how long the patient should wait after giving birth to have surgery. Six months is the usual suggestion, in order to give the body a chance to get back to full strength. Hormones also need a chance to return to regular levels. Last but not least, the surgery should only be done if the patient is done having children. Otherwise, the results will not last.

At Epione you can make an appointment with a physician to discuss the “mommy makeover”, but if you feel that having surgery is not best for you, we can also help you find other options. Our Coolbeam can help remove stretch marks, and Lipotherapy will get rid of cellulite. If you simply want to look good in your bikini again, Epione has a weight loss program that will help.