Mini Facelift

A lady’s worst nightmare besides someone asking her age is probably people not having to even ask her age. When we reach our 30s, the skin begins to speak for itself. Besides aging there are several other factors that affect our skin and add many years to it. The skin loses its elasticity, the neck muscles get weaker and consequently the skin is lose and wrinkly. But the desire to look younger never seems to age in both women and men equally. Cosmetic surgery is one really efficient way to reduce the signs of aging. One preferable option for anti aging wrinkle treatment is the Mini Facelift.

Mini Facelift is best for those who do not want to go under risky and lengthy surgeries. Since it’s a relatively newer procedure than the traditional facelift, it involves lesser risks, shorter surgery procedure and a shorter recovery time. A Mini Facelift treats a particular section of the face at a time. It can focus on the eye area the nose or the neck and jowl. Depending on your problem the consultant might suggest you the right Mini facelift or an alternate surgery accordingly.

A Mini Lift involves smaller and lesser incisions than the regular facelift hence lesser bruises and recovery time. The skin is generally lifted, tightened and repositioned. A Mini Facelift might involve a laser treatment. Laser is an excellent rejuvenating treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone and acne as well. One advantage of laser treatment is its quick treatment procedure and short healing time. In the laser treatment, the area to be treated is firstly cooled using a special device. The next step is to remove a layer of skin tissues. This is done by flashing light pulses on your skin which absorb the superficial skin cells. The procedure is carried out with great precision by well-trained physicians. An expert physician knows exactly how much skin should be peeled to treat your concerned problem. This procedure can take about 10 to 15 minutes.

The idea behind removing the layer of skin tissue is to let the healthier skin grow in place of the damaged one. Although it is a very safe Mine Facelift procedure, the patient might experience swelling, slight pigmentation change or discomfort. Generally the patients are expected to recover and return to normal routine life within one to five days but it is recommended to avoid any kind of arduous activity and sunlight exposure for at least a week.

Mini Facelift does not typically require anesthesia but in some cases it might just be preferable option. Likewise, level of discomfort and the counter medication may also vary from patient to patient. So it is recommended that you consult your physician about the pre-treatment and post treatment plans.

And now for one last factor which makes a Mini Facelift just the right option for you, the cost. Not only it saves you a lot of time, it saves you a lot of money as well. The cost is cut down by a lower or no anesthesia, less surgery time and lesser recovery time spent in the hospital. All that makes Mini Facelift the most attractive option for looking attractive again.