Lunch Hour Facelifts More Popular than Ever

The face-lift has a long history of being a reliable type of cosmetic procedure that has allowed doctors to repair loose, sagging skin common among aging individuals. Most people usually associate the face-lift procedure with surgery and in fact, a good number of anti-aging treatments of this type still subject patients to going under the knife. For anyone who has always wanted a younger, fresher look, the new lunch-hour face-lift may be the answer.

The New Face Lift

Unlike the more traditional plastic surgery procedure we know as the face-lift, the new types of face lifting treatments involve not one but several small nonsurgical procedures. An increasing number of women are now opting to go in for such minimally invasive procedures including Botox, special fillers and laser resurfacing to smooth out lines and fill in creases. A large number of women are opting for such quick treatment packages that involve little to no recovery time, so one doesn’t have to worry about being missing in action at work. Aside from this, the results are immediately visible and the procedures can be done in the time allotted for one’s lunch break.

Cost and Safety

The lunch-hour procedure may be relatively simpler and quicker compared to traditional treatments but they come with a cost. Additionally, there are a few things that one will need to keep in mind if they are considering going in for a lunch hour face-lift. The first is doing proper research on what the desired procedures in order to understand the full commitment that one is making. Despite being referred to as lunch break techniques, some procedures may require a short period of rest. Therefore, patients should consider their time commitments, and schedule such procedures on a day that they would be able to miss work if necessary.

Find the Right Doctor

Finding a qualified physician for the treatment to ensure safety and the best results is the next step. Getting recommendations from people who have had similar procedures and written reviews will help narrow down the right one. Visit the cosmetic surgeon prior to undergoing any treatment in order to speak about what you expect from the procedure and what actually will be done. It is also imperative to find out the realistic amount of time necessary for the procedure to be completed and to learn about any side effects, such as rashes and swelling, and if minimal make up will help cover them.