Loss of Volume, Not Gravity Proves to Be the Primary Cause of Aging Skin

aging skinBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Contrary to popular belief, gravity plays a much smaller role in the aging process than many people think. According to Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director at Epione Medical Corporation and other experts, the loss of volume underneath the skin, not gravity, is primarily to blame for sagging, aging skin. Therefore, treatments such as Epione’s Facial Re-Volumizing treatment, which uses injectable fillers, rather than a facelift may prove to be more effective in achieving a more youthful, refreshed appearance. “People assume that the face falls because when you pull back on the cheeks everything looks better, “ says Dr. Ourian. “It’s important that when attempting to address concerns associated with aging skin that you understand the true cause of the problem in order to determine the best solution.”

Epione’s Facial Re-Volumizing Treatment May Effectively Combat the Real Causes of Aging Skin and Restore Youthful Appearance

By reviewing photos of patients taken at different points in their lives, Dr. Ourian is able to track the movement of moles, wrinkles and other facial landmarks. In the case of most patients, only a few features typically shift over time. Patients’ brows may fall slightly and their upper lips may become thinner. Their jowls become more prominent, but they expand rather than drop. All other features remain perfectly aligned. According to Dr. Ourian, the shifting that does occur can be attributed to deflation, which is defined as the loss of subcutaneous fat and volume. This loss creates the hollowed out look around the cheeks, eyes and other areas of the face that is associated with sagging, aging skin.

“Rather than lifting the skin in order to restore a more youthful appearance, we recommend Facial Re-Volumizing to fill out specific areas of the face, ” said Ourian. “Dermal fillers are also used to increase fullness to the lips and cheeks and for cheek and nose augmentation.”

In addition to combating the shifting that occurs when volume is loss, Facial Re-Volumizing may also reduce the appearance of both dynamic wrinkles that result from the use of facial muscles using when smiling or frowning, as well as and static wrinkles that can be seen when the face is at rest. While the treatment won’t remove all wrinkles, it will help restore the foundation and structure of the face and give patients a more youthful appearance in about 30 minutes.

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