Los Angeles Skin Injections

Skin injections in the Los Angeles area, and across the United States, are often used to improve the looks of our skin. There are all sorts of things that can cause our skin to look old, tired, and wrinkled over time: age, the effects of gravity, spending too much time in the sun, and even something as simple as smiling. So, skin injections are one way to help reduce the symptoms of this type of aging.

Los Angeles skin injections tend to be of two types. The most common form of cosmetic skin injection is called a Botox Injection. Another common form of skin injection used to fight the signs of aging is called a dermal filler injection. There are pros and cons associated with each of these types of common skin injections.

Cosmetic Botox injections are the most common skin injections in Los Angeles. In fact, they are the most commonly performed cosmetic injection period. The injection makes use of the Botulinum A toxin, derived from the Clostridim Botulinum bacteria. The toxin has been in used for over 20 years, and is considered a very safe way to treat wrinkles and facial furrows. The toxin is one of the world’s best known neuro-blockers. When injected into the muscles around facial wrinkles, it blocks the muscle’s ability to contract a bit, thereby causing muscle to relax. As the muscles in the treated area relax, the pull on the skin becomes less, allowing the skin to also relax.

The Botox injections can help to reduce the signs of aging for around 4–6 months at a time. So, periodic injections will be necessary to maintain the effects of your Los Angeles skin injections treatment. Your Provider will be able to tell you more about the overall process.
Another popular Los Angeles skin injections procedure is the dermal filler injection. This type of injection makes use of several potential substances. The substances are used as a cosmetic “filler” that can be sculpted to fill in lines and creases in the skin. When these substances are injected below the skin, they tend to expand a bit. This is how they are able to fill up creases and lines. This type of injection is also used to add a fuller look to the lips and cheeks of patients.

This particular type of injection tends to be used in conjunction with other procedures. You will often see it used with laser skin resurfacing treatment, facelifts, etc. It can be a very effective tool in the arsenal of a well qualified Los Angeles skin injections specialist. Your Provider will be able to provide you with more information on how this type of Los Angeles skin injections might be used to achieve the desired effects for you cosmetic treatment.

If your facial lines and creases are really deep, skin injections may not be enough to restore the kind of youthful look you probably want. Your Los Angeles skin injection Provider may suggest some other resurfacing technique. They will be able to provide you with the information you need at an initial consultation, prior to any procedure being done.