Los Angeles Radiesse Injections

Los Angeles Radiesse injections are used to fill in skin creases and wrinkles around the face and lips. As injectable filler it can also be used to make acne scars or other scars less noticeable. Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxylapatite which closely resembles human bone tissue.

There are no animal products used in the making of Los Angeles Radiesse injection, so the need for allergy testing is gone. Calcium hydroxylapatite is also biodegradable which means your body can safely absorb it over time. While this does mean that you will need more injections in the future, there is also good news. As your face continues to age, you will have a more natural appearance as the new material injected can be adjusted. This will allow for your face to be complimented as time goes on.

The actual procedure involves small needle sticks to inject the medication. A numbing cream will be applied to the areas first so that the area will be anesthetized. The numbing cream ensures that you will be comfortable while you are receiving your Los Angeles Radiesse injections. Since you are awake some physicians will show you the area after the injection is completed so that you can help make decisions about the final look. It is the perfect time to add a little more fullness if you would like. The results of the injections are immediately noticeable.

Radiesse injections work by forming a matrix or scaffolding in the injected area. Your body then builds a network of cells over the matrix. Since this tissue is your own it is very durable and pliant. And the tissue will have the characteristics of the surrounding tissues. Since the matrix has grown in skin, the injected area will not slip or move.

Los Angeles Radiesse injections do have risks involved as do all procedures. Pain is usually minimal and can be relieved with medication. Ice can help relieve any swelling that might occur. Usually any swelling that does occur is resolved after 48 hours.

There is rarely any downtime after Los Angeles Radiesse injections. Any minimal bruising that might occur can be covered with make-up. You should avoid any activities that would strain your facial muscles for at least 48 hours. Facial massages should also be avoided during this time as well as facials and strenuous cleaning procedures. The idea is to give the matrix a solid time to setup and the natural tissue a chance to start forming.

If you are considering Radiesse injections, you will need to have a consultation with a reputable physician. While Los Angeles Radiesse injections are not surgery these are the physicians that are the most familiar with all the options available. You will want to choose a physician who has done plenty of these procedures in his practice. Your physician should be willing to tell you during your initial consultation how many of these procedures he has done.