Los Angeles Facelift

The goal of the Los Angeles facelift is to produce the most attractive and youthful appearance possible, while still looking natural. The three “R’s” is the perfect answer to an aging face: relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. To achieve this look, you will want to select a surgeon that specializes in facial surgery, and has extensive skill in the procedure you are seeking.

A successful facelift will leave you looking like you did when you were younger, not looking like someone else. The Los Angeles facelift is designed to leave your face youthful rather than stretched or pulled. It is the volume and the texture that is lost as we age.

Many different types of Los Angeles facelifts are available. Your surgeon will discuss the options with you at your initial consultation. The sheer number of procedures available can be overwhelming. It is helpful if you have a clear idea of what problem areas you would like worked on prior to that visit.

A Los Angeles facelift is serious surgery. Some procedures have a minimal recovery time and others will take some time for all the swelling, bruising and soreness to leave the face. You will need to be committed to faithfully following your surgeon’s post operative instructions.

In a Los Angeles facelift, an incision is made around the face that follows the hair line and the ears. The skin is then gently released from the underlying structures, and the excess fat is removed. The skin is then pulled tighter and stitched back in place.

Patients usually need to recover overnight, close to their surgeon’s office. Some surgeon’s will offer special luxurious accommodations for the first post operative night after the Los Angeles facelift. They will make a post operative visit that night to check on your condition, and they will have a professional nurse available for any questions or problems. The next morning, the dressings are removed, and then the patient is allowed to go home.

The face, eyebrows, and neck area are the main focus of the Los Angeles facelift. Other procedures can also be done to work on the eyes, but they are usually done at another time. For instance, an eyelift is not included in a traditional facelift.

Other less invasive procedures are also available, if you are not quite ready for a major facelift. Rejuvenation of the face can also be accomplished with filling in the wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Filling in deep creases between the nose and the lips or the smile lines can also give the face a refreshed look.

Another less invasive facelift approach is to use toxins to relax certain muscles in the face to reduce wrinkles. The treatment can also have a positive effect on migraines. If you suffer from these miserable headaches, be sure to discuss how this may offer some relief.

Some patients will just want a neck lift. Others will only want a mid facelift. Some patients will only need to have skin retexturing. All options are available with the Los Angeles facelift.