Los Angeles Eyelid Surgery

Every year in the Los Angeles area, eyelid surgery is one of the most frequently chosen forms of cosmetic surgery. This makes some sense, when you consider the fact that your eyes are one of the first things that someone notices about you. If you have a droopy eyelid, or puffy lower eyelids, what do you suppose that says about you? For most of us, the answer would be “it makes me look older.” A chance to rejuvenate the youthful look of the face is a big reason that eyelid surgery is so popular in the Los Angeles area.

The more common term for eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty. It can be done on the upper and lower eyelids. The technique attempts to tighten these types of droopy eyelids. The technique is also used to remove puffy bags from under the eyes. Very often, Los Angeles eyelid surgery patients will have blepharoplasty performed at the same time as other facial plastic surgeries. For example, you can have this surgery done in combination with a face lift, eyebrow lift, or even nose your lip surgery. The techniques used are safe enough, and simple enough, to allow them to be combined with other surgeries, thereby eliminating the need for continuous surgeries.

In the Los Angeles area, eyelid surgery is also becoming more popular among men. In the past, this type of surgery tended to be performed, more frequently, on women. If a man had eyelid surgery, it was usually for medical necessity, to reduce a vision problem. That is not the case anymore. Los Angeles eyelid surgery patients of both sexes are now taking advantage of the renewed look of youth the surgery can bring. It has become a kind of cultural mantra to find ways to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging.

Not all Los Angeles based patients will be good candidates for eyelid surgery. If the amount of sagging you have is minimal, there may be other techniques that will work better. For example, eyebrow lift surgery may correct the drooping. Facial rejuvenation techniques, such as Thermage, may also delay the need for eyelid surgery. For many people, a non-invasive procedure may be a better option. It would also come at a lower price. So, this may be something you really want to discuss with your surgeon.

Los Angeles eyelid surgery techniques are advanced, so you will also see many surgeons offering the option of laser surgery. The technique involves the use of a CO2 laser pulse beam to make very precise surgical cuts. The technique also cauterizes blood vessels at the same time. Laser surgery can reduce the amount of bruising and swelling associated with the surgery, and can reduce the amount of recovery time for the surgery. As you look for potential surgeons for eyelid surgery, you may wish to inquire about laser eyelid surgery.

Los Angeles eyelid surgery patients with an Asian ethnic history should also have plenty of options for skilled surgeons. If you are Asian, you will want to ask questions about how often your surgeon has successfully dealt with variations of eyelid anatomy associated with Asian people. There are some different surgical techniques involved.