Liposuction surgery – Shaping your body to perfection

Liposuction surgery, also called lipoplasty or liposculpture, is a surgical procedure during which, small fat areas in your body are being removed. These areas of fat are usually found on your neck, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs, and cannot be removed with exercises or a diet and therefore are surgically treated.

Liposuction surgery is not only done for aesthetic reasons. It can also help you maintain a healthy body without fat. However, there is a certain limit when it comes to the amount of fat one can safely remove from an area. Therefore it isn’t possible to reduce a desired area of your body as much as you might have planned.

After the liposuction surgery your body won’t make replacement fat so if you continue to exercise and maintain a healthy life you will have a good chance to keep your current body shape. Acting reckless towards your body and gaining weight again may cause the fat cells that remained to enlarge and you will be back to your starting point.

Before engaging in a liposuction surgery, you will have enough time to discuss the details of your operation with a highly qualified professional surgeon. You will be asked about your hopes and expectations when it comes to the liposuction surgery and you will be explained what result you can realistically achieve and expect from your operation. For any professional aesthetic surgeon it is very important to make his patient aware of the operation, its purpose and result. He will also guide you through the entire preparation for a liposuction surgery. He will explain you about its course and needed aftercare and what you should avoid before, during and after your operation, for example, smoking.

Liposuction is often done on an out-patient basis and you are free to go home afterwards. Only in cases where there are larger areas that need to be treated surgically a patient is asked to stay overnight.

Fasting will also be an important aspect of your preparation for liposuction surgery. Your doctor will ask you to avoid eating, chewing or drinking anything for a certain period of time before the actual operation takes place. Fasting is needed to be sure that a person undergoing general anesthesia is not exposed to any risk or danger.

If you are having a small area of your lower body treated then the local anesthesia could be an option. With the use of local anesthesia the area treated will become numb while you remain awake.

Before the liposuction surgery your doctor will take photographs of the area that will be treated so you would be able to compare the results of liposuction after the actual operation.

If being satisfied with your appearance and staying healthy are your goals, then liposuction surgery is the right thing for you. Removing the excessive amounts of fat, that can only put your health at risk, is a wise thing to do. Not to mention the satisfaction you will surely feel when you see the photographs of ‘before’ and ‘after’. Your new sexy body will make you both proud and healthy.