Liposuction For Thighs

liposuction for thighsWhile self-image has always been a problem for millions of women who struggle with body size and type, there has been a new trend in the beauty and cosmetics industry that may surprise most. The gap that is formed between the thighs when a model walks down the runway and stands still has become a prized symbol of health and beauty, with countless women striving for ultra-thin legs in order to achieve the “thigh gap” that is now a sexy icon. While thin legs are not necessarily a symbol of skinniness due to the amount of muscle mass in the thighs, they have become a topic of jealousy and plastic surgeons have begun capitalize upon its popularity.

What’s Between Our Legs?

A body consultant for the University of Miami claims that people have been exercising in new ways in order to look similar to models that have a gap between their thighs. Entire social networks have sprung up to capitalize on these images, with Tumblr pages devoted to the thigh gap and Facebook groups that promote fashion icons with skinny legs. About three quarters of a million uses of these social networks look over pictures and discuss diet and exercise strategies in order to achieve that much-coveted gap.

Images Of Healthy Living

The Miami body consultant further commented that the idea of a thigh gap could be quite harmful for young women. Like other concepts of ultra-skinniness and beauty, it perpetuates the idea of the female body being objectified and only valued for its aesthetics. This “toxic” culture fad could lead to many women growing deeply unhappy with their body and fitness, even if they are objectively skinnier than many of their counterparts. The idea of a thigh gap furthers the idea that a body needs to be fixed, and that it is not good enough on its own.

Plastic Surgery And The Response

In today’s society where few want to wait the weeks needed to exercise away the extra fat on our thighs, cosmetics have answered the call for skinny legs. It is quite easy for plastic surgeons to deliver a woman the desired skinny legs, simply by creating an incision and sucking out the fat around the thigh muscles. While doctors are willing to provide these services, some worry that issues like the thigh gap are permanently affecting how women treat their bodies. When young women elect to get cosmetic surgery, they may become susceptible to becoming addicted to practices like liposuction and rely on them.

Moms And Daughters

Although young women are typical in desiring body image changes, their mothers have proven much more willing to go under the knife for skinny legs. One woman claimed that she was never happy with her body, saying that she had liposuction after having two children and seeing her thighs grow larger. Now, she claims, she can fit into skinny jeans and see the gap for herself.