Laser Skin Treatments

Laser skin treatments are a relatively new regimen of treatments on the market. Yet their popularity is growing every year. There are so many uses for this type of treatment within the realm of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery. Here are some of the areas that have benefited from this form of skin treatment.

One of the more common laser skin treatments is called laser skin resurfacing. The treatment involves the use of one of two kinds of lasers, which are designed to precisely remove small amounts of skin from the body in a very safe way. The treatment is very effective on removing age spots and wrinkles. It is also less harsh on the body than, say, microdermabrasion. The technique can give long lasting results. There is typically a quick recovery, with little discomfort for the patient.

Laser skin treatments are also being used more frequently for scar removal. This is especially so for scars created as a result of a case of acne. Yet, the treatment is not limited to just acne scars. Newer lasers are very effective for sculpting and smoothing scars, as well as being able to remove the discoloration often associated with scarring. Recovery time is usually quick, and the technique typically does not have a lot of side effects. Some sunburn like symptoms are the most common side effects of the surgery.

One of the more interesting uses of laser skin treatments in the last ten years has been for the removal of unwanted tattoos. Our society has become very fond of tattoos. Yet, aging can often cause the tattoos to look very different. They can become stretched, and begin to look unsightly. Laser skin treatments are a highly effective way to remove tattoos, in a relatively painless manner. Older techniques for tattoo removal could be very painful.

Laser skin treatments need to be performed by a qualified physician. It is just important to make sure you use someone who is qualified on the laser equipment.

Laser skin treatments may require a period of recovery after the treatment. You may, or may not, need someone to drive you home after the surgery. Laser skin treatments usually also have to be done in a series of treatments, because there is only a small amount of skin being removed each time. There can be a period of a few weeks, to a couple of months, in between treatments. This is designed to allow the body time to heal. The nice thing is you will see improvement from the very beginning of the process.
Most forms of laser skin treatments are not covered by insurance. However, there are certain circumstances where your insurance might pay for your laser skin procedure. You would need to talk to your insurance company to confirm the level of benefits available. Most of the time, these type of procedures are financed by patients who make use of some short term style personal loan.