Laser Resurfacing Emerges as Primary Damaged Skin Treatment

Dr. Simon Ourian performing laser skin resurfacing treatmentAdvances in medical technology have made cosmetic surgery more accessible, convenient and safe for millions across the globe. California has made its name on the global stage as one of the front-runners in the cosmetic surgery market. Today, many people opt for laser resurfacing treatment. This provides them with a relatively quick and painless method to achieve lasting changes in their appearance.

This technology is common for people with stretch marks, acne scars, sun damage and spider veins. Breakthroughs in this treatment have led to the common use of fractional lasers. These lasers rely on tiny pinpoints of light that can break molecular chains in small, controlled areas. The fractional laser is said to reduce or eliminate chances of scarring and speed up recovery time.

Modes of Treatment

There are two types of lasers used in this treatment. Wounding lasers remove superficial parts of the epidermis and new cells grow to heal these areas. Non-wounding lasers stimulate collagen growth at their application site.

People seek out laser treatments because they are a non-invasive surgery. There is little or no pain. Best of all, many people may experience a tremendous renewal in skin complexion. Some advocates say that the process appears to counteract years of aging and leave the skin smooth and young looking.

Evolving Technology

Laser treatments have come a long way since their inception. Many of the most common laser treatments only involve a few days of recovery time. This is a great improvement from the downtime previously required.

The procedure generally involves the application of local anesthetic to the affected areas. The laser releases pulses of light and heat that could be painful without this. Some patients do not even feel the laser applications. Often, a dressing material is provided for the recovery period. The skin is particularly sensitive after the procedure and the dressing can protect it from exposure to the elements.

After the procedure, patients are typically instructed to take several days off work and allow the skin to heal. Because the laser is non-invasive, the process usually goes by quickly. Some doctors recommend the use of vitamin and mineral supplements that are beneficial for skin.

Fractional Laser Treatments

Depending on the condition, laser resurfacing can be performed in one application or as part of a fractionated treatment. These treatments usually involve 3 or 4 consecutive monthly applications.

One of the best features about this procedure is the lack of incisions and internal operation. Laser treatments are often viewed as a safe way to address beauty concerns with fewer complications. These treatments have seen a great deal of growth in recent years. Many Americans have benefited from laser resurfacing technology. It is a brief procedure but its effects may be long lasting.