Kate Middleton – The Most Popular Celebrity Facial Feature

There are a number of things for which some women are envious of Kate Middleton and included among them are her husband, her poise and her celebrated sense of style. However, there is another thing for which some women envy her and that is her nose.

The New York Daily News has reported that there are a number of young women in Long Island and New York who are flocking to the offices of plastic surgeons in a manner that is similar to a spring sale at Barneys, in order to get the sniffer of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Why Kate?

The nose of the Duchess is popular among patients who are on the quest for a “natural” look. He says that women, particularly those who are over 28 years of age, would like to have the nose of a woman who they consider strong, refined and regal. Kate’s nose appeals to many women because it is cute and perky and it is not too big. Her nose will suit just about any type of face.

The Daily News noted that with that type of funds on the table, New York plastic surgeons that have been noticing the royal rhinoplasty trend have become proactive. Many New York plastic surgeons have created portfolios of Kate Middleton photos to present to patients when they come in for their consultations.

Across the Pond

However, New Yorkers are not the only ones; women in the United Kingdom are requesting Kate Middleton nose jobs as well. According to data released in 2012 by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, Kate Middleton’s nose is the celebrity facial feature that is most frequently requested.

Will it Be a Boy or Girl for Kate and William?

The growing popularity of the royal nose job comes as Middleton, who is more than half way through her first pregnancy, reportedly said at a ceremony on St. Patrick’s Day that she is hoping for a boy but Prince William, her husband, would like a girl.