Juvéderm Voluma Receives Preliminary FDA Approval

Juvederm VolumaTraditional plastic surgery which often entails a lengthy recovery characterized by the pain of extensive bruising and swelling also comes at a cost premium. Accordingly, facial fillers, such as Restylane and Radiesse, and the popular Juvéderm line of products have emerged to offer alternatives that many find more appealing and suited to their busy lifestyles.

Advantages Over Alternative Treatments

Like Restylane and Radiesse, the other well-known wrinkle fillers and facial volumizers on the market, the focus of Allergan’s filler, Juvéderm Voluma XC, is facial enhancement with minimal, if any, pain and virtually no side effects.

Cost effective and long lasting, with a typical 18-months of visible improvement, patients have been able to receive but one treatment with Voluma dermal filler and achieve good results. Other products often require more than one initial treatment for worthwhile effects.

Pain during procedures, however, is not too different, all facial enhancers are administered through injections made comfortable by a local pain numbing anesthetic; post-procedural discomfort or pain is a natural side effect along with possible swelling and bruising.

Benefits of Juvéderm Voluma XC

What makes Juvéderm Voluma so appealing, perhaps, is that it is a smooth, gel like substance consisting primarily of hyaluronic acid. Its smooth composition makes it easier to inject than other volumisers and reportedly contributes to a more natural look for the patient following the procedure. Hyaluronic acid is made naturally by the body, which replenishes its supply periodically. It serves a very important role in hydrating the sin and adding volume, hence when this mechanism is no longer effective due to aging, both the moisture and plumpness of the skin are severely compromised.

Facial Volumizing

Juvéderm Voluma, with its high content of hyaluronic acid, helps reverse the loss of volume and subsequent sagging in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin area. While all volumizers help restore facial plumpness, adding to the excellent results of wrinkle fillers for fine lines around the nose and mouth, Juvéderm Voluma has reportedly outperforming them all large scale facial volumizing.

Juvéderm Ultra

Further, it has been shown to be a great companion to Juvéderm Ultra, which helps correct the fine winkles that characterize the areas around the mouth, nose and eyes. Perhaps what is best about Juvéderm Voluma XC, though, is that it allows immediate return to one’s daily activities or work, needing only basic makeup to cover up any bruising or redness that occurs at the injection sites.

While the cost of treatment can vary depending upon amount of product needed and who is administering it, as with Restylane or Radiesse, it is vital to find an experienced practitioner who is medically qualified and trained with volumizing products. This assures maximizing the incredible results that this advanced technique affords in restoring a youthful look.