JUVÉDERM – The Liquid Facelift

My mother is a lucky woman. At the age of seventy two, she has managed to keep her skin looking young and supple. In fact, aside from her salt and pepper hair, she looks almost exactly the same as she does in her junior high school picture. Now, not all of us can be this fortunate. Over time, many of us will suffer the visible effects of aging, including wrinkles, laugh lines, and frown creases. Others of us are simply not satisfied with our overall appearance; we may feel our lips are too thin or our cheeks not full enough. Fortunately, whatever your condition, there’s a way to remedy the situation. Juvéderm can help get rid of the appearance of these age related issues and keep us looking wonderful.

Juvéderm is made up of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin and absorbs water. This is what gives collagen its fullness and elasticity, and is present in healthy, plump skin. However, over time, there is less hyaluronic acid found in the skin, and the collagen starts to lose its features. In turn, our skin becomes thinner and saggier—not a desirable development.

Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills explains further, “Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the way your facial skin looks, feels, and functions. It’s a major component of the connective tissue matrix in the dermis—the dense, inner layer of skin beneath the epidermis. This matrix is made up of hyaluronic acid as well as two connective fibers—collagen and elastin. As we age and our skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays environmental pollutants and, our cells gradually lose the ability to produce hyaluronic acid. Our skin tissue becomes dehydrated and the collagen and elastin fibers lose their structure, resulting in a loss of skin volume and the formation of the facial wrinkles and folds.”

“However, ” concludes Doctor Ourian, “injections of Juvéderm help restore the skin to its fullness and hydrate it back to health. In fact, you don’t have to wait for the effects; they’re visible right away.”

The week before your appointment, you should avoid taking Aspirin, NSAIDs (non-steroidal and inflammatory drugs), St John’s Wort, or high doses of Vitamin E. Also, avoid any alcohol. All of these can increase bruising and bleeding on the skin. If your treatment is around your mouth, be sure to eat before your treatment, since you will be asked to avoid moving your mouth for up to four hours afterward.

First, you and your doctor will discuss your treatment. For example, what areas do you want improved and why? The doctor will evaluate you and your suitability for the treatment at this time. After that, you can schedule your treatment with Juvéderm. On your appointment day, after following the preparation instructions you were given, you arrive and the doctor begins. At your request, the doctor can numb your skin. The injections are done at specific points throughout the area, and only a tiny amount is injected at a time. The entire procedure will take 15 minutes per session. After the treatment is complete, you’ll be on your way!

After your treatment, you may experience some swelling. This will disappear in approximately twenty four hours. Tenderness and some redness are common. Also, discuss with your doctor the best time to start wearing makeup or other face products. Juvéderm is the only hyaluronic acid filler with FDA approval to last up to one year.