Is Thinning Hair In Your Future?

Beautiful Hair!When one thinks of thinning hair, one usually thinks of older, balding men. However, nearly 30 million women experience hair loss or thinning during their lifetime. It can be gene based, but stress, diet, and illness can also play a major role in balding.

Hair thinning happens to just about everyone at some point. This is actually a form of hair loss, according to experts, and it happens as we get older. This hair loss, however, is very mild, and it simply makes the hair look less full.

Remember, chemical treatments can affect your hair’s appearance, as well as its texture. This may or may not be the same way that aging does. Also, chemical treatments can make the natural effects of aging more noticeable or even speed up the process.

Here at Epione, we have a treatment for hair thinning using Botox. In combination with vitamin supplements, the patient may experience a re-growth of hair. The Botox neutralizes scalp tension, while the vitamin supplements help improve blood flow. Our patients have reported excellent results. Many speak of healthier, thicker and fuller hair.