Is Scar Removal Right for You?

Scar removal is becoming a more popular form of cosmetic surgery. The formation of scars is a natural part of the way that your body heals itself from injury. There are times, though, that the formation of scar tissue can be detrimental to overall health. From an aesthetic point of view, scars can take away from the natural beauty of a person’s skin. Here is some basic information on the process of eliminating scars, so you can see if scar removal is right for you.

Some of the more non-invasive procedures for scar removal include dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermal filler injections, and fat transfer procedures. All of these techniques are designed to significantly reduce the signs of scars, without the need for surgery. They work in different ways.

Dermabrasion style scar removal procedures involve the use of sand like crystals to scrub layers of skin away from the scar. The difference in the two types of dermabrasion has to do with the amount of skin they remove in one treatment. It is not unlike sanding a piece of wood with heavy and fine sandpaper. The technique is considered very safe, and usually is an inexpensive option for the elimination of scar tissue. Side effects can include sunburn like redness and swelling, as well as some minor skin infection.

Chemical peels accomplish scar tissue removal by use of a chemical reaction, that is designed to dissolve the skin on the scar. The use of chemical peels has been around for 100 years, and has been successfully used on thousands of patients. The procedure is considered fairly safe and inexpensive. Because of pigmentation issues, though, chemical peels cannot always be used on all types of scars. Darker skinned people may not be able to make use of this technique.

Dermal filler injections and fat transfer procedures usually involve the injection of dermal filler and/or fat into areas around a scar. The material expands, and fills in the skin. This type of procedure works well on indented scars, like the type associated with acne lesions. The injections tend to be inexpensive, and have few side effects. The trade off is the amount of time they work. They typically need frequent replacement injections. So, this scar removal technique may not be right for you, if you have deep set scarring to address.

Laser scar removal is by far the most popular current method for address the issue of removing scar tissue, and resurfacing surrounding skin. Lasers make use of a super heated beam of laser light, which evaporates the skin it touches. The laser is a very precise surgical tool, so it is very effective on bumpy scars, that require some sculpting to look smooth. The technique is more expensive, but offers the advantage of being able to drastically change the look of scars. There are few side effects, and the procedure is considered very safe.

If you are a person with a very large, prominent, or highly raised scar, you will want to consult a couple of scar removal experts. Some scars may require some secondary surgery, in order to achieve maximum effect. They will be able to best advise you on how to most effectively deal with the removal of your scarring.