Injections for Hair Growth

Balding Men’s Best Friend!

Words like Hair Loss and Thinning Hair bring to mind the image of old, wrinkled, balding men who tend to be very serious about life! However, that isn’t really true! Many 20-somethings also suffer from these conditions. Millions of men, women and children undergo this experience. In fact, according to some estimates nearly 30 million women endure through hair loss.

Many cures are available but the latest one promises good results. Injections for hair growth are the latest craze in Beverly Hills. Problems like stress, diet and diseases can cause balding but injections for hair growth can deliver results despite the reason. If you lose up to 100 hairs in one day, it isn’t a problem. But when the hair loss is greater than that baldness or hair loss occurs. It’s when your hair follicles are producing less hair than what is actually falling off.

Other popular hair loss cures are Rogaine and Propecia, but these offer only marginal results. So for those of us who suffer from hair loss and hair thinning issues, Botox injections for hair loss can be a viable alternative.

Injections for hair loss can help delay hair loss as well as prevent baldness from ever occurring. It does have some side effects but those aren’t any different then the side effects of Botox being used for other cosmetic reasons. These include temporary swelling, slight pain and bruising. But these go away within days. The vitamin cocktail administered with the injection for hair growth makes the hair follicles stronger and once the side effects have worn off you will notice positive results.

The treatment is equally beneficial for men and women. As a treatment, Botox injections are very safe, as Botox has been used for beautification purposes for years. Its effect on the human body is well known and if delivered by professionals, Botox offers amazing results.